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Caging Virginity and Blocking All Suitors

If you take an extinct, dormant, sleeping “LIFE” line and reactivate it, then install a governor, you will have what we are. Prehistoric hominids were a naturally evolving “LIFE” form, with direct ties to the <GOD> of all creation or what … Continue reading

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What If “CHRIST” Was Never Born

When “I” was in my mother’s womb, “I” had to pull oxygen, food and hydration from my mother and while I was there had to expel my waste directly into the “Life” form, which was sustaining me. Then it was reported that … Continue reading

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The Child

If the wife becomes pregnant with child, how long would the husband and wife wait before they allow the child to be born? Nine months? What if you had things to do and could prolong the birth; obviously as long … Continue reading

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How does God Feel About the Transgender Issue

I heard some religious form going on and on about how God feels about the trangendering of a form. All I have to say to that is, “we” need to start asking “ourselves” how “we” feel about the terraforming of … Continue reading

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When Lucifer tells Eve, she surely will not die if she takes in the information he is providing her, what he is really stating is; you are not alive, so therefore cannot die. Jesus states the same thing in the … Continue reading

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If You Go Back In Time In A Dead Machine

You you cannot return, because the machine gets fried. If you use a live machine, it allows movement back and forth through time, but you must stay inside the machine, until it ceases to hold life. Unborn

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The Cross of Christ is Both Living and Dead

“I Am” both! The resurrection with either be “LIFE” through the “dead” or the “dead”, through “LIFE”! “CHRIST”, “anti-christ”. Or both, as a new tree; as a new day! “I Am” the unborn life of <GOD> and I am tired … Continue reading

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