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There Is No Fixing the Alcoholic or Drug Addict

One thing I have learned in nearly eleven years of being clean and sober; there is no fixing the alcoholic or drug addict. They must recognize themselves, then accept themselves and all their deficiencies and then, and only then, can … Continue reading

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Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever Established

They created us and occupy our form, similar to how we created and occupy our version of man (the corporation). We perceive ourselves to have been born, to have lived and then, to have died, but do not realize, we … Continue reading

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Been Sober Nearly Ten Years

Been sober almost 10 years now, but could not overcome my problem until I came to terms with it. I had to acknowledge and accept my problem before I could change my behavior. A thought for 2018 – We must … Continue reading

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Picture my ass on fire and my head about to explode

Picture the robots our version of man is creating now, on our behalf and bend in the wind of potential truth to come to the place of knowing, what we are allowed to see is nothing close to what our creations … Continue reading

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Why? Because Robot’s Do Not Need Truth To Function!

All it needs is a storyline or a flow of data, which it receives constantly. What it does not receive is the truth, but this is not something it needs to be given, because our main purpose is to process … Continue reading

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I Do Not Want To Climb To The Top Of A Dying Tree

If you take a fallen tree, cut the roots back and stick it back in the ground, the tree may appear to be connected, but below the surface, beneath what is seen there is no connection and no growth. You … Continue reading

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Did You Hear About The New Drones?

Did you hear about our most recent drone production? From what I understand these things are top of the line; the most advanced system we have ever created. We produced two and sent them off to do what drones do. … Continue reading

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