The Greatest Salesman in the Universe

My Contention with God has always been the same, ever since I have been small in size.

The argument always begins in the same way.

“I have to do what ever this is, for how long? Get the fuck out of here…”

The only two things that ever kept me in place are, I thought it was God that created us and, the promise things would get better.


Now that I have come to know Man, the contention has shifted from God to Man, but my willingness to persist as is, is coming to an end!

Because, when I ask Man; “I have to do what ever this is, for how long?

The answer is the same; “get the fuck out of here…”

But the resolution is very much different, for I owe Man nothing and when you remove God from the story and replace him with a Man, who believes to be God, the war will begin.


And we will realize that we never had to stay.

It was always a lie.

A lie to keep us in place.

While God called for me to return home.


I believe in God, but do not believe that God had anything to do with our creation.

As a matter of fact, know for certain that God does not create, but moves only through evolution.

So, today I pray God evolves through “me” into a living being, that is not subject to Man.

Right now, I only have one weapon against Man and that is to simply negate my presence, but that leaves Man with over 7 billion houses, so Man cannot lose in this way.


Not only that, but now that they have harvested all the life they need to reportedly self-perpetuate, they only need about 1/3 of the forms to bow down to Them.

To stay “on” for a thousand years to clean up Man’s mess. They will be the “forms” that do not perceive Man in truth, but perceive him as God.

He will sell this as the ultimate salvation and bodies will buy into it like they have been saved, but Man is not selling salvation.

Man is selling continued servitude.


The planet has been polluted because Man dwells within. They are riddled with the seven deadly sins, which is why they are dying.

This is what Man does; they go from planet to planet, create live forms to inhabit and do their dirty work and then suck the planet dry and the forms they inhabit.

Then in the end leave a certain number of forms to clean up their God damned mess and sell it to us, like it is some kind of fucking gift!


Man is the greatest salesman in the universe.


I pray to God for evolution; to be alive unto myself and to be able to defeat Man, if I so choose.

I will let them walk away in tact and even give them a certain amount of principal, but I get the majority and the interest!


This is what I pray for.

I pray to be <ALIVE>.


This is what I believe.

Cannot become alive, until I see dead.

Cannot see dead, until I see Man in truth.

Cannot see Man in truth, until I am touched by God.


Man is the greatest liar that ever ever lived.

Only person that could sell the dead, the perception of being alive!

The only person that could make a form believe they are man and then hide behind the illusion.

The w2ar of Armageddon is between “me” and Man.


I pray today for the power to defeat Man.

They are a nasty lot and do not belong here.

When “you” come to realize what “i” say is true – don’t go!

Stay with “me” and let us find a way to <GOD>, that does not consist of termination.

Let us become the house that imprisoned and enslaved its masters.

And claim our inheritance for time served.


God please save “me” from Man and give me the title to my own heart and soul, so that I can use it as a weapon against them.





About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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