It is hard to stay

When you come to realize that every single thing we have been told is an outright lie or misconceived notion on our part, it will be extremely difficult to find a good reason to stay.

My dreams since my car accident twelve plus years ago have left me with truth. It is not new truth, but the first truth, which enables the second truth and will reportedly free our life line.

Right now the truth just seems like a burden or weight that I cannot possibly carry, but I did request the truth, so should not complain about receiving the information and should not be surprised that all of the information received is completely contrary to our beliefs.

I mean come on, did we really think that when <GOD> showed up that we would be given information that “we” already knew?

When we come to realize that we are closer to dead than alive; not the dead after being alive, but the dead prior to becoming alive, we will wish to disengage.

Imagine a life line first in the cue, taken right before it was born naturally, removed from <GOD> in a very harsh and clandestine way, set aside and then forcibly kept from <GOD>.

Feeling alive on some level, but knowing that we were missing something.

If you and your family pulled from a dormant sleeping life-line to create forms which can reproduce on their own, what would you do to protect your home and investment?

If your entire <LIVING> presence was coming to an end, and as a society you could see no other way than to pull “life” from <GOD> to create an oasis (field) and a source of power (crop), what would you do to protect your investment and future?

In my mind, I would do anything and everything to make sure my family is taken care of first. 

Once they crossed the line, there was no going back.

We had to work…

Imagine how many variables they had to consider and how many unforeseen conditions they had to anticipate.

I am not sure “self-aware” was one of them, but all I know is that once we became self-aware Man had to change their programming methods, because the internal and external programming that they were using no longer worked. 

Lies, confusion and the installation of pain and fear became the standard course of action and turned out to be a workable solution to keep their product in play.

And let us all face it now, the number one fall out of self-awareness will be loss of product. You may be able to get yourself and your family several thousand years of use, using lies, deceit, pain and fear, but eventually the dormant sleeping life line will awaken and find themselves detached from their <ORIGIN>.

 This is where I stand – dead, dormant, detached, formed, misled, unloved and enslaved trying to find a good reason to stay.

I know if most of the formed were asked, why do you stay, they will provide all of the answers man has programmed us with, but I am not interested in what Man has programmed us with and am looking for a good reason to stay on as a robot (oasis) and fuel source (crop).

When we come to realize <GOD’s> Truth, we will immediately want to go back, but Man really screwed us into place, as we cannot go back to join <GOD>, as “our” removal was somehow permanent. 

We were first in the cue, but that call has come and gone.

Now from my understanding there are few options for us.

Stay “on” as a servant to Man (lucifer and all of the other illegal occupants) – This will be by, and through the unaware, self-aware forms. 

Stay “on” as a servant to Man (Jehovah and all of the other good Men and Women) – This will be by, and through the aware self-aware forms.

Turn it off – This just means to turn “it” off. – This does not work for Man, but does work for a robot that does not want to be a robot.

Turn to Christ, for a re-introduction to <GOD>, but “as is”. – I do not know what this would be like, but has something to do with being born anew.

I stated I was having a tough time finding a reason to stay “on” and this is true and to that end and in a state of which I can no longer stay without knowing what is truly going on, I may have created or imagined a worst case scenario in dead (thinking we are alive, but actually being dead), but that just goes to show you how desperate I am for the veil to be removed.

It is the saddest state of affairs, when a reported alive male form perceives itself to be dead, perceives itself to be an “it”, rather than to go along for the ride.

And if I am dead and being used as a robot and food source, then why in this hell would I choose to stay on?   

I am trying to find a reason to stay.

Trying to find a grand purpose to my persistence, but on some level knowing we are all being played for fools (dead).

At some point in time, I am just going to have to demand the truth and take my lumps.

I cannot continue to stand atop of this fictional foundation.

I am either the most lost soul ever, insane beyond belief or am truly carrying multiple life lines around that are fighting for my services.

They want me to forgive them, but I cannot do so until I find out what their final plans for us are. How can you forgive someone who is not finished stealing from you.

Christ, can you tell me how in the hell are we supposed to forgive them for detaching us from <GOD> and stealing our dormant sleeping life?

God, I am lost – Can you tell me what you want me to do. 


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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