I Went Searching For God and Located Man

In my search for answers to my questions, I found Man!

Not the Man in the mirror, but the Man behind the man, in the mirror!

The most important question for me, has always been; why would <GOD> do this?

The answer is that <GOD> would not do this, which leads one to ask; if not <GOD>, then who?

The answer is Man; a later generation of he, she, them (Gen. 1 Man).

Why does the given response; <GOD> works in mysterious ways, work as a tool to negate “our” ability to see clearly?

It is because when a “form” is allowed to perceive it self as man, then clearly; who else could be responsible for all of the suffering on this rock.

Through my pain, I found man, but not before I found <GOD>.

Now I see Man, a “formed” up life and <GOD>.

Man creates and jumps into his creations in order to self-perpetuate and enhance ones existence.

<GOD> evolves.

What “I” know to be true:

  1. Suffering is not optional, if you are looking to see <GOD>
  2. Man is not visible, unless you are suffering.
  3. People who are not suffering will never wish to see <GOD>.

This is because, when <GOD shows up, the result is profound change, similar to a new day. Why would any “body” of “life”, wish to evolve, so as to lose one “self” in the next day.

There is a reason why a later generation of Man has chosen to negate <GOD>.

It is because he does not wish to change. A point he makes perfectly clear throughout his statements beginning in Gen. 2 and continuing throughout the Old Testament.

I had a rough childhood, with plenty of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. As “I” grew, I reached for alcohol and pot. My mom and step dad introduced me to cocaine and I was off and running, but in the wrong direction. After three or so decades of self perpetuating pain and suffering, I crashed my car into a tree. It was no better or worse then any pain I had been feeling, for the previous thirty plus years, but for some odd reason, that was the last time I ever drank or did drugs.

I am coming up on nine years on the 23rd and most of the “forms” on this planet would see my existence and state; I have a new “LIFE”, but do not understand or participate in the TRUTH of it all.

Shortly before hitting the tree and for decades I had been praying feverishly, for <GOD> to save me or to take “me” and then, without notice, <GOD> presented and took one “life”, then replaced it with another “LIFE”, so as to present me as new.

One day a “form” is constituted of one “LIFE”, then in the next second “it” is constituted from another <GOD> given “life”.

What manifests visually is the same exact person, but in truth it is a completely different “person”. The “form” looks the same, but acts completely different.

What if a “form” of “life” is already doing well or is perceiving “themselves” to be doing well, like “i” did for decades?

Would <GOD> show up to present a new “LIFE”; a new “DAY”, without this new “LIFE” being requested? I do not know.

All I know is that, as far as Man is concerned; they are doing just fine without <GOD> and the reason they are not interested in seeing <GOD>, is because when <GOD> shows up there is always profound change, but if you are ruling and having a grand old time, then why would you ever wish to have a new “LIFE”?

Am “I” making any sense?

James Scott Velozo

If you are living, you are evolving. If you are not evolving, you are not living, no matter what you tell your “self” and Man, know “he” is not <LIVING>, but does not care for the proposition of a new “LIFE”.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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