“I got it! I am OK, I can drive. Trust me!

When folks perceived me to be an active alcoholic, I believed alcohol was the only thing which made my life worth living. This was my belief. The only time I felt at peace was when I was drunk. Obviously the belief was misleading and had an adverse effect on my existence and the existence of every body I came in contact with.

During this time; within a time, most would believe I was under the influence of the beast, which we all saw to be alcohol, but I was not drunk with alcohol. I was intoxicated with the belief, that alcohol was the answer. I was comfortable with this belief and was following it into the depths of hell.

It is my contention that the ruling bodies on this planet believe that power, control, status and physical wealth are the only thing which make their lives worth living. The only time they feel at peace is when they are drinking and when they are drinking, they are of no use to any body, not even themselves.

The only difference between my intoxication and their intoxication is that I only touch a select few, these bodies are touching seven billions bodies. I crashed my car into a tree and became reasonable regarding my beliefs.

Prior to that split second I would not take the help and assistance from the others, which had already shaken off their intoxication with their beliefs. I could have taken their help and followed their lead and shaken off my wine, but I could not ask for help.

To ask for help, from others, when their beliefs are contrary to your own is currently, extremely difficult for our kind.

To ask for help, from others, when following their lead will surely lead to the destruction of our beliefs and ideals is currently impossible. To take some ones lead, when I knew they wanted me to give up my booze was an intolerable notion and was not possible for me.

I was wrong about the booze. My intoxication with the ideal of life not being worth living, unless I could have alcohol to manage my angst, was ultimately found out to be fiction.

These folks which, without my consent, touch my existence, are intoxicated with all that comes along with their beliefs and they will crash their car into a tree. The only problem is, we will be in the damned car with them, when it crashes.

I have shaken off my wine and they do not have a right to include me in their intoxication. They do not own me and I am not connected to them, except in the mind of an alcoholic; an alcoholic drunk on power.

As I have said before; I have met with life forms which leave me with data. They tell me that there are all kinds of life forms, just waiting, like family members, for us to shake off our wine.

Some folks believe they cannot save us, because they cannot cross our free will, but I am being told it is not why they cannot intervene and force sobriety.

Most of “our kind” would say that we need to find our own way and I would typically agree if I were driving my own car, but I am not. I am in a car with seven billion intoxicated bodies, drunk on false beliefs.

The problem is that a small percentage of the drunken are in direct control of weapons which murder “LIFE” at “LIFES” core. Nuclear weapons actually murder a small piece of “GOD”.

The ones that are here to help, cannot help us, but it is not because they cannot cross free will, it is because the rulers of this planet see change coming and they do not want any part of it, because they know, they will have to shake off their wine.

Believe me, take it from a body which has laid it all on the line, in the protection of a false belief; they have and will use weapons to protect their booze.

That is fine!

I just want out of the car.

You want to drive your car into a tree, go ahead, but stop and let us out of the damned car.

You have no right.

This body requests assistance, from the ones which are similar to “our kind”. Help us shake off our wine and give a place to stay while these drunken fools, destroy the car.

Some drunks do not make it and some drunks take others with them.

I already crashed my car. I do not want to be a passengers in yours.

So says “The Voice of James”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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