Do you think it is possible to create your “self” right out of existence?

You are damned right you can.

Three ways to create your “self” out of existence:

  1. By giving all of your “self” to your dead creations.
  2. By giving all of your “self” to one of societies dead creations.
  3. By creating a first generation dead creation, which in turn will create 2nd, 3rd & 4th generations of dead entities, which will eventually target you as an enemy.

We are unfortunately creating “ourselves” right out of existence.

An example of giving your “self” away, is when you create a business under the legal form of sole proprietor, which is a dead entity and jump inside to such a degree, you take on the identity of the dead structure and cannot get out.

Where is the child in this created scenario?

When we as a society create political, judicial, and military bodies, which are dead entities and provide these entities with a power source, which is our kind of form, three things happen; one is we lose power, two is the people we give unto our creations become the creation and three, these power sources eventually perceive themselves as the dead entity, but see it as “LIVING”, but it is not. These people are gone.

Where are the children in these created forms?

When we set up and installed our constitutional house, we created dead entities and filled them with our life, but then began to give our “selves” unto a forever changing created system, which makes it impossible to track future creations.

In simple terms; we gave our first generation creations all the power and then simply stopped paying attention to what they were creating in our name.

Then greed came into play and these political, judicial and military bodies began to create second generation form, in the names of corporations (our version of man), national security forces (CIA, NSA), entities with the sole purpose of creating weapons (military industrial complex) and the created generation list goes on and on. All of these dead entities need life  and were provided with live bodies at the hands of our primary creations.

In this scenario, we are losing more power, as we give more of our bodies away unto our creations. What these entities are creating in the name of national security, is unknown, but very powerful. Most importantly, the perception of national security has been stolen, by those people who believe themselves “to be”, the nation! This is an additional hazard of the created realm. When our politicians speak of national security, they are talking about their security not ours.

We gave all our power to them, they take all of our power and then view us as helpless, then begin to disrespect us in thought and then in actions.

Then our political, judicial and military bodies wake up one day and realize they have given themselves over to their creations. Shortly thereafter they, as a creation come to realize, the only power source on this planet which could come together, to restructure, restrict growth or negate the dead entities entirely is the original creative force and this is us; the massive power source which exists outside of these dead structures.

Now imagine the fear of these people, who have given themselves over to these creations, have taken on the identities of these dead entities and are now existing in a level of comfort, which is leaps and bounds above the initial creative source of power.

These power sources would gut themselves if they ever had to come home.

Can you feel “ME”?

Can you sense how dangerous a dead entity is for the originating <SOURCE> of power?

When you build a shelf of stone, it will last for centuries and will never come back to exterminate you, but when you make a form and then give it life, this is a different type of creation.

This entire created realm leads to death and is the construct of a later generation of man. (not us).

We cannot see this man, because he dwells within and he is just as afraid of “us”, as we should be of our dead creations, because this “LIVING” (1st Gen. Man) gave them “SELVES” unto their creations, just as we give our “selves” unto our creations, as our creations, give themselves unto there own.

It is an ever expanding existence which provides an illusion of growth, but all it does is suffocate the power source, from previous generations.

If you create as a method of enhancement or growth you negate evolution which is how <GOD> provides growth.

You may say; this is not the big picture, you may say; the hell with <GOD> and follow our creations into oblivion, but know this; if you are not a part of the later generations or what was created in the original power sources name, your individual “self” is not going to make it, because our “force” has already been targeted by the generations of our creations, which we cannot see!

“I” have been told there is hope for all of the varying levels of <LIFE> within all of the dead creations.

The answer for every last child of <GOD>, will be evolution!

Identify and accept creation for what it is and begin on the road back unto <GOD>.

Believe me, our creations will not miss us, because they do not need us or want us around and if we can <evolve> they will not have to kill us.

If we wait until we go back to the ground to search for <GOD>, we will have missed our window.

What “I” have been told is to look inward; to walk a path back in toward <GOD>.

The form we see in the mirror is not living, but is not dead either.

We can and will “LIVE” if we stop creating outside ourselves to feel “ALIVE”.

Where are all the children?

With the “LIVING” and evolving back unto <GOD>

James the Reluctant Messenger

“When our creations are trying to negate <GOD> they are trying to murder our ability to <EVOLVE>, once this ability is gone; “we” are gone!

We may still be walking, but will be dead!

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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