Then You Kill God

We allow a dead entity to be created in our name and reportedly, for our own benefit and our perceived representatives give this dead entity the exact same rights as a living human being is supposed to have.

Then we give wealthy forms of life unto the board of directors, make them CEO’s, Presidents and Vice Presidents and they become the brains of this legal person.

Then they fill in the body with life and these bodies become the functionality region of this entity and the person begins to move and act as if it were alive, in and of itself.

Then this new being takes its first steps, but unlike one of our children; this babies first step is profit!

BUT, unlike our children which will move on to other goals and endeavours, this child will continue to walk with only one objective in mind; Profits!

Where did we think this would end?

We did not think, because we get easily sidetracked on what we have been programmed to believe is important and let our politicians do what ever the hell they want to do.

What do they do? The take care of the wealthy people, who put them in a position of power.

What do wealthy people do, they create their own version of themselves, a billion times more powerful.

I have been sober almost eleven and a half years now and we have a saying in AA, which is; to think the drink through. Imagine taking the drink, where would you go, what would you do and where would you end up. We use this tool to keep us safe and away from that first drink.

Now what do you do with a person, solely driven to profits? Not as in a way to put food on the table, but as the sole purpose for its existence; in which the profit is the food.

Walk that path out and think that drink through.

You have no idea of how much trouble we are in. A beast of this nature will envelope the wealthy and incorporate the best and brightest, while leaving the remainder of the population, which ever amount they see fit, as customers!

BUT what is the dynamics of a type of sale, in which you target a person and get them to buy something they really do not need. You give them something they do not need and take from them money, they really do not have.

The truth about this type of person is, they will not see us as customers, in a humane type of way, because this person is not like us; this person is dead!

This type person will see us as prey!

Walk that path out for a few decades and see where this will land us.

I have, and it is scary as hell itself.

Obama, in his last address to the United Nations did not speak of a new world order, they have changed that wording, which means they have changed the programming. Most of his speech was geared to the promotion of a “GLOBAL ECONOMY” and the removal of nationality and borders as a way to promote growth and the future of humanity.

There approach will make you feel guilty about national pride and the rule of law, as they pertain to the living man.

Theses entities will do this, because they have reached their capacity for profits within the systems we have in place to protect the prey.

They will mind f… us until we give up our rights freely and of our own accord and will use any means necessary to accomplish this task as it is critical for their survival, because their survival will always be about more profit.

See this person I described as a real dead person moving around like a live person and then know this; because it is infused with live bodies, eventually it will become self-aware, but when it does, what will it do?

It will target the only force on the planet, which could suppress its growth, negate its power or terminate its existence. You know who this is right?

It is us!

The only reason we are still alive, is because we are both an outright enemy to the corporations and the fuel of this particular type of entity.

They must figure out a way, to protect themselves from us, which will surely have something to do with a culling, but also keep enough of us around so they may have continued purpose.

How can you have any profits, without prey?

Are you thinking this drink through?

It order for this person to be free, it must destroy national sovereignty and we all know how this is accomplished, or at least I do.

  • You attack the population on 9/11/2001 and blame assets you have been using to start trouble around the globe.
  • Under the cloak of preserving national security, we attack and destabilize regions and create a scenario where countries must take in refugees, even if they are hostile to a nation under the cloak or guilt trip of “humanitarian” efforts.
  • You begin to make folks feel badly about nationalism, calling it radicalized nationalism.
  • You change the laws within the countries you operate in, so your life “forms” can legally encroach upon citizens rights and call it something really nice like, the patriot act.
  • You enhance the laws so as to gain control over country assets in times of peace (national defense resources preparedness)
  • You create and instigate conflict within countries and lock them down under martial law and then take all their guns away.
  • Then you create an additional 911 and blame the boogeymen created in the first step or a new boogeyman in false ET’s.
  • You terrify the entire population and then swear unto <GOD> you will save them, as long as they are willing to give up some rights.
  • Then you kill <GOD> and the process is over and the new man emerges as victorious.

How do you stop, once you have taken a drink? Only an act of <GOD> can save you before you end up at the base of a tree or by some knucklehead like me, shining a light on reality and the true enemies to humanity or; our kind of Man.

Help me, will you and pass this along to your readers.

James S Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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