How does God Feel About the Transgender Issue

I heard some religious form going on and on about how God feels about the trangendering of a form.

All I have to say to that is, “we” need to start asking “ourselves” how “we” feel about the terraforming of a celestial body.

Considering how, “we” are that “body”.

We perceive ourselves as the transgender, homosexual or lesbian life and many unsuspecting robots, simply say; “well that is just who “I am”, but that is not who we are, that is “what” “They” are making “us” out to be.

When we come to see the form as a creation of the later generation of the men and women described in Genesis I and come to understand that these people literally live inside us and are pushing to change the land, we will begin to fight to define our own life line, rather than allowing a hostile force to change the destiny of our existence.


My dreams tell me that we will not see ourselves in truth until we are born and that is why Man keeps us from being born.

When we are born, we will feel the people who dwell within as separate individual people and the true war of Armageddon will begin.


Our life will spark, then we will see the robot, then will will fight to our death, to not be a robot and many will feel as I do, that “Man” is our enemy, regardless of also being our creator.

Please remember that Man stole our life from <GOD> to make us, so yes, he may be our creator, but when you steal the material to make a form, you may own the land upon which that form roams, but do not own the form, no matter what your paperwork say’s.

Man is using us outside his own design and outside of what would have been our nature, had Man not stolen us from our family.

The goal is to terraform the body, so they are not breaking any laws…

So, stop asking how God feels about “it” and start asking how “we”, feel about “it”.

“we” have our entire life ahead of us, but “we” must be born first and if “Man” can keep us in the womb, with no abortion and no birth, then “we” are helpless and they will transform “us” and continue to harvest our “life”.


Oh yea, I forgot to tell you – not only are they (“Man”) moving us to defile ourselves from the inside, but are also eating us from the inside out.

Without Christ at the behest of <GOD>, we will never be born and never fight the war that must be fought.

Remember, Man does not want to fight the true war of Armageddon, because he loses the “robot” and “we” win the evolution.


Right now they get the principal and the interest, but if they can terraform the body, they will also bring in a new currency, which will forever, and permanatly detach us from <GOD>!


Transgendering of a form is not <GOD’s> will.

It is “Man’s” will. Not our creators will, but the will of the ones that stayed!


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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