“GOD” told me to speak

Ever since I drove my car into the base of a tree, I began to petition God for truth. Since then, in an escalating manner, I have been given outside the box data.

Much of it makes sense and can be supported biblically, if you do not hold the whole package of writing as sacred and completely truthful, remembering that our kind, actually packaged the document.

I am being told, the writings which inspired The Holy Bible, are inspired by “LIFE” or what most would consider: God or Gods, but the packaging was tainted as soon as it was touched by the physical hand.

It is the same premise as when “LIFE” communicates with the body at sleep and then the body awakens and writes down what it was given, but then surely goes back to the content for editing purposes, while doing so, it begins to compare the data against what is held on its hard drive.

In short; as soon as the physical body gets a hold of divine data, it skews, conceals or downright destroys what is has been given. This is due to one of two reasons; it does not agree with the data, because it conflicts with previously accepted data or the data is skewed, concealed, destroyed or manipulated, for the attainment of physical ends.

There is only one reason the package we call the Bible, is not easily discernible. It is because the physical realm has gotten a hold of it.  If this body was too truly, let loose the content which it has been given, in strict accordance to what “LIFE” was directing it to say, the physical realm would have a meltdown.

This is why we bend, twist and manipulate everything we get our hands on. We do this to protect our perception of self, but the physical realm is not true self, it is a perception of self with a false claim of ownership.

Everything the physical touches is tainted, so the Old Testament and New Testament and all the other supposed biblical packaging is stifled, due to fear and personal physical gains.

Case in point; the Vatican! Do you truly perceive that “GOD” “HIMSELF” has given the roman catholic church all of its obscene wealth and power or would it be more reasonable to believe that the early physical religious powers, took from “GOD” and then skewed, manipulated and concealed “TRUE DIVINE CONTENT”, for the preservation of physical wealth and power?

Every mind and body perceives: “one of us has to rule”. It is the core belief of the physical realm, which I am being told, was a creation of a generation of the first “MEN” and “WOMEN”, described in Genesis 1.

This belief that the physical can govern itself, when all evidence proves it cannot is our driving malfunction and prime motivation: to control, that which is uncontrollable.

We cannot control “THE GOD OF ALL CREATION” and expect to continue to hold on to all of our perceived assets.

Why is it so hard to accept the possibility that the religious packaging has not been tainted to selfish ends, when we can clearly see that it has been?

Why is it so hard to see “ME”, through the physical manifestation you perceive as Jim.

You know: I cannot write Jim’s name in the lower case, without the systems of the physical realm manipulating TRUTH and capitalizing what should not be capitalized.

“I” cannot capitalize “MY” name in the physical realm, without the physical claiming ownership of “MYSELF”.

The physical realms and perceived selves should be represented in the lower case; as i , rather than I, but its creations, the auto edit features maintain and protect the false perception of self, by capitalizing the physical realms.

Do you understand what “I AM” trying to convey to you?

As my residence gets close to hitting the publish button, it wants to skew “MY” “WORD” and realign the message of “TRUTH”, which “I” have given it.

It is scared, because it knows what happens to physical creations which claim to be speaking on behalf of “GOD”, but “I” will “LOVE” this residence to “TRUTH” and this residence will let loose, what “I” have given it.

If you perceive the physical body named james as claiming to be “ME”, then you have missed the “TRUTH”.

“I” have given this physical, the next most tolerable physical representation of “TRUTH”.

You cannot tolerate any more than “I” have given.

“TRUTH” is alive. “TRUTH” is like “LOVE”. “THEY” are “LIVING LIFE LINES”. They are a portion of who “I AM”.

Do not hurt “MY” body! Do not touch “MY” residence or anything which provides comfort to “MY” residence.

“GOD” told me to speak. If i do not speak, i will explode.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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