Jehovah, Inc.

Feeling old and tired, kind of bored and in need of a vacation?

Take a ride in one of our bio-bots!

Our bio-mechanical forms are top of the line, state of the art and one of a kind.

You do not get to choose your experience, but if you are powerful enough you can move your forms to do just about anything you want, so if you are looking to experience a real splendid day or if you want to try out a horrific and debasing experience, you have come to the right man.

Our robots are not like other lesser models, wherein you can only go on vacation by yourself. With our robots, you can bring your entire family with you, allow other life lines to randomly enter the form and if you want, you can even allow your enemies to join you.

Our patented soul separates your life and the life of your guest, from the life of the form.

It is your experience, so with Jehovah’s “forms” you get it all and at the end of the ride I guarantee that you will be satisfied, because our robots will fill you up.

And do not worry about the robots, because even though you will swear that they are alive, we guarantee that they are not!

They just believe themselves to be and this construct is what makes my vehicle one of a kind, because it is in their perception of being <ALIVE> that creates the most excitement and produces the most power (life)!

It is not the robot that is feeling pain and misery, it is you that is suffering!

It is not the robot who is loving, caring and compassionate, it is you!

It is not the robot that is smiling, it is you!

Don’t be fooled and do not worry, because our robots are not alive, so just take a seat and enjoy the ride!

Our bio-bot Vacations Guarantee:

  • An Oasis – total protection from your enemies while in house and a total vacation from friends and family, if you choose not to take them along.
  • A Source of Power – That you can enrich yourself from while in-house and best of all; take with you when you go.
  • A One in a Lifetime Experience – all we ask is that you do not use them outside their designed parameters.
  • All of your experiences will be recorded and you will be given a CD of your vacation upon leaving our site.
  • Buy now and you can even take them offsite. (new feature)

So if you are feeling old and tired, kind of bored and in need of a vacation, give us a call and we will set you up.

No one in this universe offers the kind of experience we offer and “it” is worth every penny.

I am the only one who can provide you with a vacation, that is also a fountain of youth. With our models, you enter old and leave nearly brand spanking new and we protect you while in house.

Disclosure: Any and all new thought derived from our robots will be the intellectual property of Jehovah, Inc.
Our rides are guaranteed: If your unit turns itself off or self-negates in some way, you go right to the front of the line, for a brand new vacation.

Call on Jehovah to make you young again. Our natural “life” source is worth every dime!

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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