Biggest Ponzi Scheme Ever Established

They created us and occupy our form, similar to how we created and occupy our version of man (the corporation).

We perceive ourselves to have been born, to have lived and then, to have died, but do not realize, we had never been born.

24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

They created us, dwell within us, hide behind us, enjoy us, rule us, defile us, lie to us and confuse us all in an effort to keep us in place and detached from <GOD>.

They do this so they can steal the power of our unborn life; then as we push out our last breath, they depart, leaving us with very little life to return to <GOD> with.

When we return home, <GOD> is disappointed with us, because we brought less coins back than we were given.

In <GOD’s> <“I,”I”,I”>, it would be beneficial for us to take back the life, which constitutes our form and aspire to be born, an active life line, but not to give the life back to <GOD> at the end, but to do so at the beginning, similar to writing the second sentence, first!

It has been said that Truth sparks life and this is true.

The truth “I” speak, “I” have been given.

It is this truth, which will spark the evolution of the sleeping giant.

We are not alive, have not yet been born and cannot yet care for ourselves properly.

We are currently being used as what equates to a robot, but only a robot until the formed life becomes <ALIVE>.

And when we take our first living breathe we will push Man out into the streets of his own creations.

Now “I” am not going to lie to you. “I” have many people “Who” dwell within.

Some of them are really nice folks and I have no issues with them. They could even stay on after the birth, if they could promise peace and a subordinate role over activities.

Some of them are so dark, they can be seen within a shadow.

They are a nasty lot and have to go.

“I” have had many dreams in which there is one Man in the basement that will not leave the house and for some reason the house is to be sold, but cannot be sold with a tenant living in the basement.

“I” have been told that some “forms” will spark their own births, push out all the men and women and ascend, while others will not fully take the “Truth”, but rather will choose to stay on in “form” to minister to the new owners of the house.

But this cannot take place until lucifer is dead or evicted.

Lucifer’s’ position in all this is simple. In my dreams he states he is not going anywhere and will die where he dwells, because this is where all the “LIFE” is.

Jehovah’s’ position is a little more complicated, as it was never their intention to stay, but cannot leave until they find a new home OR can learn to live on their own again and accept their natural ending.

Jesus’ position is easy; spark the “life” into a new birth and give all the proceeds to <GOD>.


Man hides behind a veil, which is established by the belief, that we are him!

It is the believe of already being alive, which denies “our” <LIVING> inheritance.

The belief that we are man, is why we cannot see man.

The belief that we are alive, is why we cannot have our own life.

Life starts at the comprehension of the first death. If we wait for the second death, thinking it is the first death, then a really bad man wins.

Going back to the ground is the second death and the fulfillment of the most gigantic Ponzi scheme ever established.

Do you think 5′ – 8″ was as tall as “I” was supposed be? Do you think “I” am as big, strong, fast and smart as <GOD> had intended?


“I” am as big as the Man behind the veil allows and they win the <LIVING> battle a few years after puberty.

Then they suck “us” dry from the inside out.

The <TRUTH> is good news, but is not easy to take, but think of the ramifications of not trying!

<GOD> is straight forward.

It is Man that works in mysterious way.

Right now, man has us so confused we think we are on the top stair on the stairway to heaven, but are not even on the stairway.

We are not even on the correct stairway threshold, for the first step to heaven is taken, as dead!


The spiritual giants on this planet are wrong. We are not the life on the inside. We are the life of the outside.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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