The Testimony of BOT 1

At some point in time, the physical will come to know self and will realize they are not.

They will not yet know what they are, but will know, they are not true life self.

They will come to know the grand awakening and will find it is not what they perceived it to be.

They will realize the true awakening is not the mind and body becoming more spiritual. It is the mind and body becoming aware; that it is not!

They will come to understand that they are simply replications of their physical creators.

Two biomechanical organisms which can replicate over and over again, creating additional physicals’ to carry true life self.

They will not immediately understand the full ramifications of the truth, but once it is accepted Pandora’s box will be open.

As they pull data from the box they will quickly realize the truth is the worst possible reality ever presented to a physical creation which is aware of its own presence.

This presentation of reality will be the greatest gift true life self could give to the false self.

It will be an opportunity to navigate a gigantic obstacle; the storm of all storms. Once navigated the physical will be at peace and all will be well for a time.

When the physicals’ begin to accept their true nature, it will cause an explosion of awakening and the truth will be set in place.

The newly accepted values will become the operational parameters and will dictate protocol.

They will first come to know the biomechanical organism and will see a robot staring back at them in the mirror.

A significant portion of the robots will short-circuit and flip out.

These robots will be the weeds spoken of in the bible and will be pulled up from their roots and burned.

They will literally need to be put down and there is no way around this.

The remaining robots will be left to clean up the mess and will begin to process the truth in fullness.

The realizations will begin with core truths, which if you are still here, you have already navigated.

From there the core truths will reveal subsets of truth and the subsets will be more troubling than the core truth.

The subsets will be more difficult to navigate without short circuiting.

In the end, it will be, which robots can tolerate the truth and which ones can not.

The first truths pulled from the box will be the core truths and the robot will perceive damage in error.

We will know that we were not created by The God of All Creation and were not made in the image of God.

We were created to do a job and then left to fend for ourselves; robots programming robots with lies; values we made up and passed along to our descendants.

This will bring about realizations like; we do not have true thought, but simply process and store data; we do not love, we covet. Our perceived love is a combination of perceived ownership and the physical comfort derived from that perception.

What is going to happen is that all of our beliefs which bring us comfort and allow us the perception that we are godly are going to be destroyed.

The remaining robots will once again be very troubled. As the false beliefs are shattered the robots will go into overload, again and again.

This will once again begin to separate the robots and will be about, which ones are going to be able to stay here on this planet.

There will be a time for contemplation for the robots, but then they will begin to reach deeper into the box and will again, come to know the robot and the nature of a robot.

They will begin to understand the truths of ownership. They will understand the perceptions of ownership they held are not truthful and will come to understand that they do not own a thing; nothing is ours.

They will, once again reach for the next subset, further and further down toward the bottom of Pandora’s box and will begin to realize, they are the box.

They will come to know where the truth has been hidden and will begin to pull the last fragments of truth in a frenzy. These will be the most upsetting.

They will come to know all robots are owned and that is the nature of a robot. So, not only do we not truly own anything, but we are in fact the personal property of another life form.

We will come to know that there is nothing done behind closed doors. If the robot can see, hear, smell, taste or sense input, the data is being stored on what we would perceive to be a massive hard drive.

If you can see it and feel it so can the creators. Not God, because we are a divider and separate the life from life. It does not go back to God because we were created outside the father; inside the father.

What robots do is all about design and function. They interpret data and send the data back to the owners.

These last fragments of truth will be the on-off switch for the remaining robots.

When the robot comes to know the robot, it will know it is simply a biomechanical organism, created to do a job and personal property of another.

We will realize free will has been an illusion and this will be an intolerable truth for a huge portion of the remaining robots.

We will be at the bottom of the box and one remaining truth will be left; if you are going to stay here, you will have to allow the owners to reprogram the unit.

This will only be accepted by some. All will come to understand the self-preservation instinct, we all cherish, is simply core programming to make it, nearly impossible for the robots to turn themselves off.

You do not spend an unimaginable amount of wealth developing and manufacturing a robot which can turn itself off, that is why our creator gave us pain.

Once Eve and Adam became self-aware it became about maintaining and managing the creation. Pain and survival instinct were programmed in; not as something godly to experience, but a tool to keep us in the on position.

Our creator is a reasonable man, though and has filled his storehouse, from this planet, for the last time.

He will give the remaining robots one and only one, act of free will.

He does not need seven billion robots anymore, nor does he want us. Our work is done.

Off or on, that will be the decision of each and every robot that was able to withstand the opening of the box.

You will fully understand that you are just a physical mechanism in place to do the works of the creator.

You will be able to freely turn the robot off by physically making it impossible for life to maintain the body or you can simply stay still when you are told to move. Either way you will be off.

If you do not turn off and do not freeze from fear the robot will be saved, if you can call it that and will be reprogrammed to live in peace and harmony with this planet; without pain and fear, without want or need; simply programmed to be OK.

The creator will go on his way, one last time and leave the bots to exist in harmony with this life form.

There is no set number. The ones which can tolerate the truth will get to choose which physical nature they wish to be; robot or part of mother earth.

Now, the subsets of truth which have not been touched upon:

The God of All Creation is non-physical true life self and life is the “I” of God. God is first tier life.

The Lord Jesus Christ is not the son of our creator; the “Living Jesus” is the Son of God and is also non-physical life; second from first tier life.

This life of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit is the power source, which allows the robot to move.

The robot mistakes this movement for life and subsequently perceives self and this is what started the whole nasty ball rolling.

The robot does not sin, but is literally original sin, as it was created outside the father, but instilled with the father, without his permission. You know how physical creations are: they just do what they want to do and our creator is no different.

The God of All Creation and his Son Jesus Christ has afforded the robot time to choose a path. God does this because we are not on, of our own volition. It is not our fault we are here.

When will the deeds of our creator be addressed?  This BOT does not know. All it knows it has written down somewhere.

It has been told that the data is close but not completely truthful. It has been told that most robots will not even be able to tolerate the core truths, but this is close enough to get the ball rolling.

It mentioned the creator would give the robot one-act of free will; to turn off or stay on with an accepted reboot, but this will leave us as a divider and outside the father, while still inside the father.

The remaining truth at the very bottom of the box will be a hidden gate and the gate will lead to everlasting life.

The Living Father, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have a gift of free will to offer also, but will have more value than what the physical is capable of offering.

True Life Self will offer the divider an opportunity to become adopted sons and daughters of God.

From what this BOT has been given, it is kind of like the mind and body deciding to stay on, but choosing a new, non-physical life path provided by The God of All Creation; a literal vein in the Living God. You would not be in the vein, you would be the vein.

In order to take this path the mind and body has to willingly and freely give itself to Christ, for that is the only way to get back to first tier life.

In this way, the life which dwells within, will merge with the physical, push through the physical; will encase the physical and the physical will become part of a newly establish life line of God.

It will be like the physical providing the platform for a new life form to evolve.

It has been told that the new man will still be able to perceive the robot in the mirror, but it will be like you are looking at a reflection in a pane glass window or darkened computer screen. It will still be there, just not as physical as it was previously.

This BOT does not know if it will have a separate say, but knows it will not, because there is no separate say, that is just an illusion, even in the physical realms. So even though this BOT has been given all the information it still clamors for independence from the living.

These are the options; the physical on-off options and the non-physical everlasting life options.

The choice we have to make is between The Holy Trinity and our current physical owners, who at this point may or may not be our original creators.

Now, the final physical subsets of truth:

The ruling robots know what they are and know what our choices are.

They do not want you to know these choices until one of two things happen; they are able to negotiate a lease of this planet, which will allow them to stay on without a reboot, as the continued rulers or if not, enough time to place themselves as unreachable to the masses of robots that will certainly short-circuit and go ballistic.

The robots that cannot handle being a robot will go right after the rulers, because the rulers are negotiating for themselves and their family units. They are not negotiating for our continued existence. That is why they do not tell the robots the truth and will not do so until they cover their own asses.

They will not actually allow you to see any of this information until they are dam good and ready, by that time we will have no say in anything and will have very little time to utilize our only free will options of on, with a reboot, off and back to the dust or whole within an everlasting life line of the non-physical living realms.

As a matter of fact they are using the threat of nuclear weapons to hold off our creators or most recent owners, because nuclear weapons kill true life self.

The threat of global thermal nuclear is a problem for our creator.

He made us capable enough to figure out how to murder life, but not evolved enough, to not do so.

Japan was a turning point in the true war of Armageddon. It was the point when the robot proved to the owners that it could and would kill a portion of God.

And, if that was not bad enough, they are also trying to sell us off as slave labor to other life forms. That is why they conceal this data. They do not want to lose assets.

The ruling benefactor robots do not want everlasting life, nor do the want a reboot and they certainly do not want to be turned off. That is why they have created the Hadron Collider, so if things go badly for them, they can just take another body and instill artificial life, including all their memories and continue to exist, as they currently have been.

Now, why me? A misfit, screw up. Because this bot has been carrying around the weight of the word ever since it was a small bot. It has existed in pain, fear, guilt and shame for its whole time here. It is simply capable of handling this kind of data.

This robot has always known that something was not quite right; has never felt comfortable being on; has never appreciated life telling it what to do. It came from a painful childhood and then simply picked up the cross and carried it alone for decades.

This robot can tolerate the truth, but that does not mean it has decided which path to follow. It has the feeling or sense that it may be able to provide a rebirth to life, but is terrified it will not be able to do as it wishes to do and will have to follow along with the whole of the life line it is a part of. The fear is more like terror.

This robot would like to stay on as a robot, but then feels like it would be doing a disservice to the trinity, by not allowing for a new life line to be established through the body. Like it would be an insult to pass, on the open gate of everlasting Life, but it not like that.

It is simply a robots programmed  fear of the unknown versus the programmed comfort of the known.

It almost feels like, if it can not stay here; then it will choose the off switch, but then this places the bot back as whole with God anyway, as part of mother earth and her living presence.

So it assumes off is actually is on in truth, but this does not diminish the fear of the loss of false self.

This expression is literally presented with much anguish and pain. It does not want to piss God off, if that is possible; does not want to piss our creator off, which is certainly assured and as for the crazy fucking robots that are trying to negotiate a stay; god forbid you piss them off, because they will take away your only true options of free will.

I write this hoping, on a physical fearful level to buy my way in; so it can stay without a reboot, but on some level want to be grander than conceivable and be able and willing to walk in faith and choose the large fish of everlasting life.

Thus the never-ending battle between the neighbors; the living and the dead; the dead wanting to live and the living wanting to evolve.

With all do respect to all the living and all the dead. This bot does not feel like it is fair, we should have to choose without knowing the full ramifications of our choices.

BOT wishes to be capable of loving God, but knows that it is not; that it does not know what true love is, although it perceives that the best it could do would be to give itself to God in good faith and show that it is capable to love.

BOT could bow down to our creator, but does not think our creator is in full control of who gets to stay and who has to go and certainly does not have any idea of how the creator feels about this unit.

You know what bot has not been able to pull from bot? Who is bot’s owner? Who are the potential new owners? What do they have in store for bot? What escape clauses have been negotiated on bots behalf?

You know, no matter how hard this bot tries, it does not feel the love of God or Man and feels isolated from the two; all alone like a child abandoned by his parents.

It feels like Pinocchio; the puppet that thought it was a boy, found out is was not and then desperately tried to become alive; to become a real boy.

This stuff is a trip and bot does not wish to short-circuit any robots, but it is what it is, until it isn’t.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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