“I” do not know about any of “you”, but when “I” look in the mirror “I” see the true crucifixion.

“we” will be the “ones” to emerge into a new time, fully evolved!

“i” do not know what “Man’s malfunction is, but “They” really need to begin to learn from their mistakes.

<GOD> does not mind if “You” drive off a cliff, because all goes back to <SOURCE>.

What <GOD> does mind, is when you go back in time, pull from a primary “SOURCE” of “LIFE”, make a “vehicle”, jump inside this unknowing “PERSON” and then, drive off the cliff!

There are certain characteristics each “PERSON” should be proud of, but there are other “SELF” proposed characteristics, that should “You” should not pat yourself on the back for.

“I” change not, is one of those “SELF” induced characteristics, which should not be promoted outward, nor reveled inward.

<GOD> does not mind, if you wish to swing from the end of a dying branch. All <GOD> requests is that “YOU” do it by “YOURSELF”, do not take “anyone” with “YOU” and right before “YOU” go back to <GOD>, “YOU” understand “YOUR” sin (mistake), apologize and promise to do better next time.

Maybe this time “MAN” will come to realize that; “I change not” is the line in the sand, which blocks <GOD’s> <LIFE> from fully expressing <SELF> and that this kills the “BRANCH”.

When “YOU” went back through the branches of time, into the trunk line of all time and space and re-established a “form”, which had been asleep for millions of years, “YOU” screamed at <GOD>; “I” will not change and “I” will “LIVE”!

“i” am not sure “YOU” will accomplish what you have set out to do, because when “YOU” re-established a sleeping “form” of “life”, the “form” will naturally reach back for all of the “LIFE” inherent in the “form”.

The “form” will eventually reach back for “its” inheritance and the inheritance is, the missing <EVOLUTION>.

When will this take place?

This will take place at the precise moment of revelation for the “life” line.

The revelation of not being “Man”, which will highlight and isolate the true crucifixion.

When a life line sleeps for three million years, it naturally will awaken without three million years of growth, but as soon as it is re-formed or re-establish by design, the <EVOLUTION> will immediately begin to search for <SELF>. 

When the newly re-established “form” begins to wake up and finally realizes that the feeling of emptiness; that hole that “we” try to fill with stuff, is in all actuality,”our” missing “LIFE”.

What is truly missing in “our” “lives” is the <EVOLUTION> of “our” “lives”. What is missing for “us”, is “our” “LIFE”, but “we” have to reach back for “OURSELVES”, because <GOD> is looking for “us”, but it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

<GOD> needs “us” to put “our” hands and hearts out, so “we” may be found.

What will happen when “we” are found?

“we” will be re-born, but will not pick up from when “we” are, “we” will pick up, from when “we” would have been, had “we” never fallen asleep.

What will this look like?

“I” do not know. All “I” know is that it will be scary as hell.

To all capable of reaching out and back through time to find “ourselves”, “I” tell “you” all; when you look in the mirror, know that “we” were re-created in the image of “Man”; a creation of “Man”, but do not see “Man” and do not see Woman” and a hand will be extended to <GOD> and a name and time will be provided to all of “US”.

How will this feel? Probable like the feeling “we” had coming out of the physical womb, except this time a “LIVE”.

“I” do not know about any of “you”, but when “I” look in the mirror “I” see the true crucifixion.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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