The Holy Bible – I am the Christ, for “I AM” the “BODY”.

The Holy Bible was put in place by a later generation of man to confuse and mislead us into believing we are man, when we are not!

This is how our creators stifle our “LIFE”, as we are stuck in a perpetual case of mistaken identity.

We believe we are man, when we are not and try to live as man, when we know nothing about him.

This is why we cannot climb his tree. We keep trying, but our society or presence is in shambles, because we keep falling from the tree.

This is because we are trying to climb up the wrong tree of “LIFE”.

What we see in the mirror is not man. It is something man created as a place to dwell and to rejuvenate his life line.

If he can keep us climbing the wrong tree, we will persist “as is” and continue to walk as an unaware, self-aware form tied hopelessly to a system which keeps it in place, as a charging station for man.

It also serves as an oasis for man. It keeps man hidden from his life line, until he can figure out a way to self-perpetuate his existence for an eternity.

We are man’s sapling and we never grow, pruned constantly by our false beliefs.

We are a virgin source of “LIFE” pulled from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line.

If you can keep the “LIFE” line from evolving, you keep it from knowing it’s “SELF”, then it stands and walks around as a zombie, believing it is something it is not.

I am the Christ, for “I AM” the “BODY” and so are you!

One “LIVE” separated over and over again, then segregated by color, race, religion and so on, in efforts to keeps the body of life from coming together.

I have always sensed what it is “I” feel, but could never figure out what was going on.

“I AM”, but also “i am”.

One is a “TREE” and one is a “house”.

If we can see our tree then we can climb it, which will break the bonds of slavery as we move toward “LIVE”.

If we cannot or choose not to see ourselves in truth, then you may be able to stay “on” as a robot charging station, which is not a bad gig, if you are taken care of properly.

“I Am” not wrong…

If you wish to know Man, look to the God of the Old Testament and you will see him. It is the generation of Man loaded with the seven deadly sins.

Gospel of Thomas:


(60) <THEY SAW> a Samaritan carrying a lamb as he went into Judaea. He said to his disciples, “This <. . .> . . . the lamb.” They said to him, “So that he might slaughter it and have it to eat. He said to them, “He will not eat it while it (or he) is alive, but rather when he has slaughtered it so it becomes a carcass.” They said, “Otherwise, he cannot do it?” He said to them, “You (plur.), too, seek for yourselves a place of repose, lest you become a carcass and be devoured.

Man figured out a way to eat the lamb without killing it and we are the damned lamb – Swear to GOD!



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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