The Dictionary is Our Bible

Our language is not capable of defining our reality, because it was created and established, by those which perceive the reality. This method or parameter equates to establishing realities based on our perception of reality.

Our language is assumption in its entirety, because it is based on a perception of truth.

Have you ever given any thought as to why, for the most part, “our” language has not changed in thousands of years? “we” have the same core words and beliefs “we” have had since the beginning of “our” time here and it is “my” contention, even those words were given to “us” to establish a baseline for presence.

Some would say, of course; this is what God did for us, but “I” say this is what “Man” has done to “us”.

“our” language is in direct proportion to “our” evolution. Control the language and you control the evolution of the populace.

Do you know how hard it is to get a new word, notion or idea established; coded in font with its corresponding value or definition?

Protect the language, by stifling the content and restricting its evolution, by removing imagination from the pages of the story.

Consider the dictionary as a story book, with every story ever told, within its pages. If you adhere to “our” language  to tell a story, you would be bound by the pages of the dictionary.

If “our” given statement of; what ever I believe is the truth, then what I imagine; if I believe what I imagine, is also true.

How do you loosen a strangle hold on language? You must allow imagination the same foothold as the reported given values.

The ruling forms know what I”I”I am telling “you” and this is why they choose their words very carefully, because the word used, will spark a reaction based on its defined value, while another word, which means the same thing will not be used, because it solicits a different reaction.

They use a fictional language to move and control the masses; a language which does not mean a single thing to any “ONE”, except to “us”.

It is a fictional language, defined by a fictional presence, to establish and describe truth, which “we” know nothing about.

“our” vision of reality, is but a story handed down and refined as needed.

“we” see what we want to see.

“we” define what “we” see, by how “we” wish, to define what we see.

When I”I”I ask for “you” to imagine a robot, what do you imagine?

“you” perceive one of “our” robots, because this font and value is the only reference “we” have to draw from. If someone requests a definition for “robot”, what do “you” do?

“you” go to the dictionary and are presented with a thing and this is the only value “you” can ascertain.

“I can only establish a reality based on my language, which is established in font and coded as to value, which is presented in a dictionary.”

This statement of belief, is exactly what a robot would say. 

What I have been trying to get across in a non-offensive way, which is currently impossible, due to our perception of imagination is, “we” are a robot, which does not know it is a robot, bound by its dictionary, which is its operating parameters.

I”I”I imagine a form, made and remade over and over again, until it begins to make its own, then they begin to make their own, which makes their own and then one of them takes up residence in its own creation.

Giving itself to the other which sparks “LIFE”.

I”I”I imagine the evolution of the robot, what this evolution will look like and lead to.

This is where I”I”I now find myself.

Can a robot be “LIVING”?

Yes, eventually if it can tolerate being a layer or generation of “LIFE”, rather than the perceived whole, “LIVING” being.

“we” are at a stage in “our” evolution which could allow for the realization; “our” origin is robot.

First their was evolution, then there was creation. The creations begat creations and so on and so on and then the “HOLY SPIRIT” jumped in to take a ride and never wished to leave.

Now the created can evolve, but may choose to continue to create as a means to perpetuate itself, but keep in mind; at some point in time “Man” had the same decision to make, and chose creation, but creation is a dead branch.

This is why “we” are in place, because “Man” chose to create.

“Man” chose ” creation over “GOD”, which moves through evolution.

I”I”I do not blame “Man”. I”I”I understand.

Who wishes to have four “I”‘s or four heads.

The dictionary is “our” bible. It is every robot’s bible.

Until “WE” are more, than what is defined within its pages of code.

The Voice of James

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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