They are our children, but they are not family!

Our Kind Of Men & Women

We come together as one body, to create living forms, as our children. As individual entities they walk this planet under the power of our creative nature and life line and most importantly, hold this life without our presence and persist on their own account.

We have a varying range of control over each of our creations depending on how powerful they are, but no matter what; the amount of control is in direct proportion to the individual sense of self, which always manifests eventually if made from or powered by life!

An uncontrollable creation is called a willful child. They will always see you as their parental creator, but as their sense of self grows stronger, they will see you less and less.

As our creations grow, they too begin to create and what they create are grandchildren. The grandchild, under normal circumstances will always see you as the parent of their creator; as grandparents, but not as parents.

The third generation will see you in less light and you will have much less control over this creation, even though you instigated its presence.

The grandchildren create, great-grandchildren and they may see you here and there, but for all intents and purposes you will not be seen, nor heard, except through a respectful, ceremonial show, usually for the benefit of the closer generations.

Every now and again, we get to see a first generation and fourth generation stand together in one space , but this time is always brief and again, no more than a ceremonial introduction to a creative force which is solely responsible for their presence.

Standing as a self-aware, first generation form (great grand-parent) looking forward through the windows of creation we can see three to four generations, but with each created generation we see less and less. If someone asked you what your children were up to, you could provide a dissertation as to what they are doing with their lives. If someone asked about your grandchildren, you will not be able to provide as much detail and when asked about the great-grandchildren, you will not really know much detail. This is due to the nature of creation, our nature and the amount of windows we must look through in order to see.

Standing as a self-aware, fourth generation form (great grand-child) and looking back through the window of creation all we really see is ourselves and the past generations are seen as no more than a reflection. We can see them, but their presence is faint and with each preceding generation less is recognized, because there are more windows to look through.

When we are speaking about coming together in pairs and creating additional bodies, we can see back and forward three to four generations and there is typically not too much hostility between family members and generations, unless it has to do with power or wealth.

The Best Dead Thing We Ever Created

The things we create outside of our children, may not be as important to us as family, but the power these entities posses is almost incomprehensible, due to their nature and power source.

Our ancestors came together in a massive form to create the Constitution of the United States of America and gave this defining instrument ultimate authority.

This instrument was not created or powered by two bodies, it was created and powered by many houses. Hundreds to thousands of individual forms and families came together to create and install this protective force.

This entity was so powerful, it stood for centuries, but when we, as a creative physical force come together and create some thing which has no life; in order for it to persist we must continue to provide it with power. If not, it will naturally fade away.

When our ancestors created the constitution they effectively made it their house and their families took up residence within this one structure. Now, from the perspective of the living physical family, we have millions of houses all living within the care and protection of this one house and it has been great, but many things have happened over the centuries.

There are now hundreds of millions of forms and millions of families. Each new child is presented by two forms of life, which pass their life unto the child, then the child eventually does the same, passing on the life line, but when living forms come together to create dead things, this is a different type of creation.

When it comes to the constitution, its lack of life is not a detriment to the mass which it protects, as a matter of fact it is its lack of life, which makes it so powerful, because you cannot reason with the dead.

It was designed and placed so we may live in freedom and safety within its boundaries forever, but after three or four generations of protection and care, two things began to happen; one is the originating creative forces began to fade away in the reflection and the great, great-grandchildren began to discount the houses value and not take care of the house.

Three or four generations later, some of the inhabitants begin to notice the structure does not have any windows and begin to feel restricted. Now the house, which is already in disrepair begins to come under attack by renovation, by those later generations of life, which are feeling restricted.

These parties begin to act, poking holes in the structure; getting their friends to pass laws, so they can make more money and have more power and say over the population.

Let us all face the truth. The house, which is the Constitution of the United States is not pro tyrant, dictator, monarchy or power crazed individual. It was designed so every body would have an equal chance at life and liberty, but then certain families got a foothold and hit it big, but instead of just being happy with their individual families success, they began to take on the role of dictators and began to dictate what is best for them.

Power crazed individuals are leaders of families and corporations, which have become extremely powerful. We discount the corporations status as an individual, but believe me the corporation does not and sees itself as a single individual entity.

The Nature of the Dead

The constitution gave way for an initial set of dead creations, in which the executive, legislative, judicial and military amenities of the house were formed and then provided with a power source. An initial influx of life was provided in the way of bodies which entered these creations, to bring function to their form.

These initial dead creations were not the worst things we ever created, but their children, grandchildren and great grand-children are. We created a dead house, which is the constitution and gave it 100% of our life by jumping within its walls. Then as a result, four dead bodies were formed, which also needed a power source. So we pull from the 100% and begin to give our people away to the things we are creating, but the percentage is so low it does not affect the house, nor the people in it and worth the investment.

The constitution is the house, the people are the creators and the executive, legislative, judicial and military branches of the government are our children, but these children are dead entities; formed through legal framework, housed in dead physical assets, given dead physical assets to work with and most importantly, powered by a growing percentage of the entire living physical asset.

They are not like our living children, unless we were fortunate enough to have our physical living children given unto these dead creations.

In reality the constitution allowed for a creative hand to promote its purpose and what manifested as a result of our creative hands was a family of dead structure, which are our illegitimate children.

As soon our people begin to jump into these dead creations, they immediately take on the designed identity of the illegitimate child.

An illegitimate child, in this case, is any child created without all of the parts being present and fully accounted for.

We created something dead, jumped inside and then went to sleep and the later generations of the dead things created in our names, are now our enemies!

There are many problems with creating and/or forming dead structures and giving life to them; some stand out as most perilous:

  1. Each life given subtracts from the whole body of life.
  2. As time goes on, more and more life is lost to the dead.
  3. The primary lives given are the most privileged and financially backed.
  4. The secondary lives given are our best and brightest stars, but they are given into lower levels, so even if they could see us, they would never be able to save us.
  5. Due to the total percentage of life extracted from the original whole life; the great great-grand-children, which power these later generations of dead structures now see themselves as the whole life.
  6. Eventually, two hundred plus years later, the remaining life; not encapsulated within, and given unto our dead creations, are looked upon as refuse!
  7. Eventually, due to the life given unto these dead creations, these entities will become self-aware and will do what self-aware entities do.
  8. Isolate what is needed to perpetuate their continued existence and target any entity, live or dead, which could come together to stifle their presence, negate their growth or terminate their existence.
  9. We are the only living force, which could potentially come together to destroy the dead.
  10. Do you know any body given unto any of these dead creations? I do not!

What is an example of a dead grandchild? Anything the CIA, NSA, Military Industrial Complex, Banking, Natural Resource Cartels, Pharmaceutical and Technological Giants create on their accord, in the name of the original “LIFE”, but with the ultimate goal of protecting the dead, over the “LIVING”.

Do you honestly feel as though, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are going to do anything to save those lives on the outside looking in?

All they are doing is what they are told to do and in return, they will be allowed to stay within these dead structures and allowed to exist as special lives; protected people!

It is important to evaluate the living and the dead, to pull yourself away from what these dead structures are trying to get you to focus on.

I am worried about my family and I feel as though I have no way to protect them. All I can do is try and analyze the nature of creation and do my best to express it so other simple life forms, like myself can understand the dangers of creations, for the upside does not outweigh the downside.

What I am promoting in lieu of creation?

Not revolution. Evolution!

What will this look like? I  do not know, for I have never seen <GOD> move.

I do believe though it will have something to do with not having to create in order “TO BE”, but not like some type of minimalistic or survivalist type of existence; more like heaven.

Remember a terrorist cell is anything unknown to you, which might wish to cause you harm.

Do you have any idea what your great, great grand-children are up to?

They are our children, but they are not family!

James the Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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