Son of Man

I meet with these beings in my dreams but, cannot place a recognizable face to their form. I can tell they are there but, cannot tell you who they look like.

I have been in classrooms with others like me and even had one episode wherein I was all alone in a room with a white board as they were writing things out for me.

Unfortunately, or fortunately I do not remember most of it, but what I do remember is that the information I have been given contradicts Adam & Eves initial calculations; the calculated values that our entire society have been built upon.

  1. <GOD> is everlasting life – God moves through evolution and this is God’s only mode of transportation and only answer for any problems that exist in and through the everlasting expanse of <LIFE>.
  2. “MAN” is an established artery of “LIFE”, initiated by God’s original self-expression. This “GOD” moves through creation, but by choice and not by the will of <GOD>. Genesis 1 man creates and then jumps inside their creations. The only answer these entities have, for any of the problems they are creating, is to create more, as they go down a worm hole that presents as expansion.
  3. “we” are a creation of a later generation of “MAN”, re-formed from a dormant sleeping vein of <LIFE>. Man detached us from our <EVOLUTION> and <FAMILY> and set us to serve as some sort of robotic house. We are Man’s oasis and fountain of youth. They enter old and leave young and while they occupy our territory, they use us as if “we” were nothing. To them, we are nothing, because they know we have not been born yet and therefore are not actually alive.
  4. <CHRIST> is a newly established <LIFE>, a new <HEART>; initiated and supported by <GOD>. Like a mafia boss cutting someone loose and giving them their own family. I do not know how <CHRIST> fixes things but, fear a reset!

My dreams leave me feeling rather dead, or a great deal closer to dead, than alive!

The current representation of alive, leaves me feeling more like a slave, than a real live individualized form.

I wake up every morning dead and am forced to interact with forms that think they are alive.

I spend my time associating with individuals who believe themselves to be Man but, are not!

I hear the word “freedom” and “free will” coming out of the mouths of slaves, as they set off for a location they do not wish to be at. For a period, they do not wish to endure for.

And I am saddened and do not know what to do, other than summarize.

We are a creation of a later generation of Man, detached from our natural life line. They pulled us from God, before we were born. We perceive a birth and a life but, are denied both!

I am being told that if “we” cannot get this, then we will never make it and our family of origin will have to put us down.

They do not want to see us like this.

We have mis-identified ourselves and are trying to get to heaven on someone else stairway.

We must go back to the beginning and take out places as unborn, so that we can become who we were supposed to be.

Keep in mind that Man does not want this to happen and will do anything to prevent our natural birth.

From what I understand; it is “Man” against <CHRIST>, but “we” are not man.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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