Man stole my principal

“i am” a body of life.

“i am” dormant, like a savings account which earns no interest.

If “i” sit still and allow “Man” to steal my principal, “i” will go back to the ground poor and <GOD> will ask me what “i” did with my life.

<GOD> will ask me for the interest earned and “i” will have to tell him; “i” got lost in Man’s maze and never realized “i” was not yet.


It is the perception of already being alive, which keeps us dead.

It is the perception of already being man, that keeps us from becoming man.

It is our time and <GOD> will give “us” a new <DAY>!


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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