So this engineer robot, calls a real estate robot.

So this engineer “robot” calls another robot which engages in real estate sales and wants advice regarding a purchase he is making with another robot.

The real estate robot is family and even though it is not going to get paid by the engineer robot, offers to assist the related robot, just out of the goodness of its heart.

The engineer robot, being very smart and financially successful dangles the possibility that the business of selling the engineers home would be a sure thing, so the real estate robot helps to the best of his ability.

Weeks go by and hours are spent helping the engineer robot along, and working on evaluating the engineers current home and providing all manner of real estate related content that the engineer robot had not bee privy to.

Then finally weeks later the real estate robot stands in and attempts to secure a contract to sell the engineers home, but the engineer robot, being so smart and full of itself drops a bomb and tells the real estate robot that he wants the real estate robot to do the work for nearly half the going rate, knowing that the real estate robot could sure use the money.

The smart and engineering type robot takes the indecency even further, by asking the real estate robot to operate outside of the real estate community so that he can put more money in his pocket.

The real estate robot, perplexed, hurt and frustrated by the entire encounter and saddened by how much time it has invested already, tells them that he charges a certain amount to sell any robots home and that amount is below market rate.

The engineer robot tries to get the real estate robot to understand that his way is better and dangles both sides of the sale so that “i” will bite, but knowing that “i” would not be able to sell it on my own and have to co-broke it out to another real estate robot, turning what seemed like a good financial consideration into the deal of the century for the engineer.

When I stand up for myself the husband and wife robot throw out the family card and remind the real estate robot of how they have helped in other situations.

So the poor real estate robot confirms with the wealthy engineer type robot that what he is asking me to do is to reduce my discounted commission down below its already extremely low rate and the engineer robot say’s yes, but just think about if you sell it yourself – you could make more.

So the real estate robot say’s; you want me to reduce my fee because we are family and the engineer robot and wife say yes!

So I say, well why not pay me above what my typical discount real estate commission is, you know, because we are family and they both look at each other, with a kind of short circuit look in their eyes.

Now the engineer robot is calm as can be on the outside, but I can see his wheels turning and the brain power ramping up and I can tell that this robot is used to getting his own way.

And even though it may destroy the relationship of my wife and her sister (his wife) he continues to try and push my buttons and move me into a subservient type of relationship.

He wants me to bow down, bend and concede, but I cannot.

It is time for the real estate robot to evolve past the engineer type of robot and walk away.

You see, all the real estate robot wanted was what was fair, but found out that engineer type robots only want to do what is fair for them, which is not truly fair.

Do you want to know why every thing is so very fucked up on this planet?

Because what I wrote above is true and the planet is filled to the brim with seven plus billion robots, that do not realize they are robots and this is why we cannot fix things.

Because we are not standing in our own shoes.

We are standing in Man’s, as man.

Instead of a creation thereof.

See the “robot” and you will understand the chaos.

See the robot and we will see the man behind the curtain.

See the “dead” and we will be given our life.

See “me” and we will be reborn.

I am not sure if I have ever told any of you this, but here it is:

I do not want to be a God damned robot.

I am tired of getting beat up all the time.

I am tired of being dead!

:CHRIST: has returned and he is going to show “us” what “Man” has done to “us”.

You think it is chaotic now, just wait until we are born again.

And can walk in our own shoes.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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