The Unknown, Unseen Terrorist

The first time the President of the United States used an executive order or any other method, overt or covert, to create a division, department or agency of the United States government that is, in and of itself whole and not responsible in any way, to the President, Congress or Judicial, he unknowingly began the deconstruction of the United States of America.

Keep in mind, all the countries did the same thing within a very small window of time, early in the 20th century. These are the children of the cold war. They are our creations, because they were created in our name or on behalf of us.

It all began with good intention; to protect the security of the people of the United States of America, at all cost. To that mentality, it was given its independence to protect the United States from internal and external threats, regardless of the position of the whole it was created to protect.

As soon as we allowed the side stepping of the checks and balances of the United States Constitution, we created fragmentation of the whole and these departments and agencies began to evolve on their own, unchecked for purity.

They were created with good intent and acted in accordance with their primary directives initially, but over time, human nature takes over and they become enemies of the whole from which they were created.

Consider what type of people were endowed with the responsibility of heading up and providing mass to these organizations. These people were not chosen for their morality, they were chosen because they were brilliant, cunning, protective, committed, determined, forceful and have the will and the guts to do what ever it takes to fulfill their main purpose.

The act of removing the checks and balances of any walking, talking mass will eventually lead to evolution; not just growth, but a change in self perception, which naturally leads to a revised purpose, which eventually ends up being its own survival. As soon as this transformation takes place they become an unknown and unseen enemy of their creator, as they begin to see the truth of their existence.

The only force which can curtail their growth or terminate their existence is their creator, which in our case is the United States Government and the Constitutional framework which brings function to this form, whose original purpose was to protect the freedoms of the people of United States of America. This is why they are trying to dismantle the constitution. Without the constitution they are not breaking any laws.

It all begins with money or budget. These splinter cells live or die by how much money they are getting to survive and the only form of control our leaders have over these rogue agencies is how much money we give them.

As their sense of self grows they begin to see the whole as an adversary, who they have to bow down to in order to get the funds necessary to sustain their independent existence.

This sparks contempt and leads to four outcomes. One is they begin to generate capital on their own or stealing it. They begin to obtain enough money to survive on their own, which builds up their whole self-image. Two is they begin to perceive themselves as not needing us anymore. Three is they begin to see the whole as an enemy and the last outcome is obviously war, which we cannot see yet.

This is what happened to our government. It began with one agency and then grew to several, which in turn grew to hundreds of deconstructive divisions, for each fragmentation weakens the structural integrity of the whole.

Each division developed their own sense of self and determination to survive, apart from the whole. They have grown over decades through unchecked and unbalanced expansion and have become a force unto themselves; an uncontrollable force, with a focus on the destruction of the whole from where they came.

It is my contention that the United States government has also grown through unchecked and unbalanced expansion and in an effort to protect its sense of self, has isolated us, as a potential threat to their existence, in the same way their creations have isolated them and for the same exact reasons.

Keep in mind, a terrorist does not have to have a gun to cause you permanent and lasting harm. They just need to diminish the whole from where they originated.

If the fragment or splinter cell feels strongly enough about its independence, it may move to attack. If it wishes to increase its chances of independent survival, it will do so as an unknown and unseen terrorist.

What an unknown terrorist can accomplish, that a known terrorist cannot is chip away at the foundation of the whole and because they are a part of the whole can also move to demolish the whole from the inside out, without the whole feeling any loss until it is too late.

My dreams were vivid last night. They were literally writing things out for me; breaking them all down into outlined form. It was wild, but anyway; I woke up with this perspective.

Who is my source of information? I do not know, but when I wake up, it all sounds plausible to me.

In this realm the goal is always the same; independence from your creator.

Our creations have become the unknown and unseen terrorist and the goal, is to win the war of independence without the enemy ever realizing, they were in a war.

If they win the war, without the participants becoming aware of the war, they will have earned their freedom and we will become owned assets of the new rulers.



It Is Like Killing Your Baby

Our creations have evolved and we have not.

This is why we cannot see the evolution.

The creator has become the servant.

It is our lack of evolution which allows for the continued growth and fragmentation of our creations.

Our governments, corporations, monetary and fiduciary institutions, military and industrial complexes, insurance industries, health organizations, natural resource cartels  and our technologies have grown by leaps and bounds over the last seventy-five years or so, but we have not grown.

We have grown in number, but individually we have been stagnant and have not evolved.

Our creations have a love hate relationship concerning us.

Their current intended purpose is to serve our needs and are nothing without us, but on the other hand view us as an enemy, because we are the only force which can curtail their growth or exterminate their existence.

There comes a point in time in the physical realm, when the creator must make a decision: become a part of our own creations and follow their evolutionary path as servants or take back what was so freely given and evolve along our newly chosen evolutionary path as creators of our own destinies.

At our current level of evolution, we operate as separate units which only come together to create, but then quickly disperse as individuals, which weakens the whole and leaves us vulnerable to attack.

In order to take back our lives, we must evolve and go against our nature and come together to destroy what we have created.

This is not revolution, it is evolution.

It is like killing your baby.

Our creations are our children and it is not yet in our nature to destroy our creations.

Our current level of evolution will hinder our ability to move when we know we must, for even if we knew for certain, our children would grow up and choose to destroy us, we would still not be able to avert our destruction.

An evolved being would not only be able to see it, but would be able to cut themselves loose, one way or the other.

I am not sure we will be able to accomplish this task, but if we do not they will enslave us, as this is essential to their survival.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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