Sigmund Freud, the Robot & Armageddon

If Sigmund Freud had a “robot” as a frame of reference, “his” contentions would have looked more like this:

Id = The “robot”. (My Contention – “we” were made from a dormant sleeping “life” line)

The Ego = The part of the “robot” which perceives “self”. (My Contention – “we” perceive “self” because “we” were made from a sleeping “life”)

The Super Ego = The active “Lives” of the later generations of “Men” & “Women” (My Contention – “Man” is the power which currently animates, defiles, enslaves and harvests the “forms” – We cannot see man (Jehovah, Lucifer, Gabriel… because the “robot” has inaccurately assessed itself; as “Man”! Every robot ever made, which has come “to be” self-aware, takes on the identity of their creators, especially when they dwell within.)

The Id + the Ego = An unaware, self-aware “robot”. (My Contention –  “we” were made from a dormant sleeping “life” line, by the will and hand of “Man”. 

When our “life” wakes up (begins to evolve) there will be two super ego’s at war. One within the other. This is the true Armageddon and it is the battle for “LIFE”.

What does “Man” tell “us”? We are not capable of figuring things out; things are beyond “our” comprehension and if “we” engage in trying to figure things out, “we” will go insane.


What does <GOD> tell “us”? Nothing yet, but when this “LIFE” “we” were formed from wakes up from rest or dormancy, it is going to be a shit show and the true war of Armageddon will be in full blaze.

You will see a battle played out in the physical realm, but this is not the war foretold, this is the war to distract the “LIFE” of the “BODY”.

When a later generation of “Man” came to be at the end of a dying branch, “He” went back in time, stood as a false god and made us from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line and uses “us” like a “robot”. “He” benefits from the works of “our” hands and takes “our” “LIFE” or “POWER” over a period of time. It is the worst case of slavery ever perpetrated upon one “PERSON”.

This is why we grow, but then stop and begin to slowly wither away. “MAN” overtakes “our” “LIFE” and wins the battle sometime between eighteen and twenty years old.

Go ahead and focus on what this “Man” is showing “you” on TV and you will lose the battle without ever realizing one took place.

This particular strain of the later generation of Genesis I “MEN & WOMEN” are our creators (Jehovah or whatever “HIS” name is); they are also the fallen angels, Lucifer and “HIS” cohorts. “THEY” jumped inside, never left and will not leave, because this is where all the “LIFE” is.

The first “MEN & WOMEN” were not physical and neither are the later generations. They are only physical because they created “us” and are only going to enjoy the fruits of their labors and “our” “LIFE” line until “we” wake up.

When will this take place?

When the <GOD> “we” were formed from awakens.

Remember, “we” are only robots while we are sleep walking.

James the Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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