Programmed Navigable Outcomes

There is more than one form of programming used to control and manipulate the masses, but the most widely used form is what I like to call “A” Certain Value Programming; whereas A/A – B – C = ACV, with A and B constituting all known data or options and C, constituting a truthful representation of reality.

A hypothetical scenario of “A” Certain Value Programming is the government coming in to my home, taking me away and detaining me, under statutes within the patriot act; as some kind of enemy combatant. They confiscate my computer and all my writings. Then, they go through all my material and run values against it; their values.

When it comes time to defend their actions they show you a sampling of my writings. Consider these sample writings; “A” content, but they do not show you the rest of my writings, which would be the “B” content. Without the B content, you are denied the value of C, which is the whole story or the truthful representation of reality. This is “A” Certain Value Programming. The way it should work is; A + B = C; with “C” constituting the whole truth.

The ruling elites on this planet use the media, along with overt and covert government workers to show you “A”, but leave out all the B content, which denies you a truthful C-Value. They show you , let us say, 10% out of 100% of the content, but choose what 10% to show you. In this way they are misrepresenting the truth in an effort to control the values established by the masses.

Without all of the “B” content, “A”  is a lie, because it does not fully establish a truthful representation of actual events or meaning, which is always the C-Value. The way our physical form works is, it takes in a piece of data, any piece of data and establishes a value, every single time, based on the data presented, but if we are not given all the data or the whole story, then it is impossible to form a truthful C-Value, which denies mankind a truthful existence.

The government could take a sampling of my writings; “A” and easily leave you feeling like I am some kind of nut or they can take a sampling of my writings; “B” and make me out to be some kind of saint, but if they deny one or the other, then you are denied the true C-Value.

What solidifies “A” Certain Value Programming is to get the masses to pick a side of “A”, which in this case would be; am I a nut or a saint. This is “A” content divided. They show you a nut and then get you to argue about whether or not it is true. The more tense and heated the debate becomes, the more powerful the programming is, because once you choose a side with any emotion or conviction, the value is locked into the form and you own the value.

If they can simply get us to focus on the “A” content divided, then we lose track of B and most certainly the true C-Value, but if they can get us to choose a side of “A”, then we do not just lose track of B and C; B and C cease to exist, as far as the mind and body is concerned.

I have always pondered the reasons why, we do not ask for the B content. I always believed it was because we were afraid, but this is not the case. It is the division of the “A” content which turns out to be a wall or veil, which leads to the perception, there is no “B” content or options. What we do from there is establish our C-Value from “A” content alone. The division of “A” is absolutely critical to the formula; without it, we would naturally seek all the data.

It is not truth, unless it is valued against 100% of the data. There is no partiality in truth. You either have ALL the data or you do not have truth; you have spin and perception of truth only.

Remember, the media outlets are not doing you a service by providing both sides of the “A” content, they are trapping you. They are not doing this purposely. They are just like we are. They are given data and what ever data they are given, they simply run with. A good journalist used to search for and distribute the “B” content and this service used to be a valuable resource, which was provided to humanity, but they do not get paid to do this anymore.

Many folks would see our two-party electoral system as not falling within the described parameters of “A” Certain Value Programming, because they are showing more than one candidate. It could be argued they are providing both the “A” and “B” content or options.

This perception is an inaccurate accounting of reality, as you are viewing the republican, democratic and independent candidates as being the “A” and “B” options or all of the available, viable choices.

The truth is the two-party system is the “A” content. The system is the “A”, not the participants in the system. They show you a republican, a democrat and throw in an independent, to round out the illusion of an election.

They name and then divide the republican and democratic “front-runners” and negate the independent candidate in a highly contested and volatile bombardment of “A” content divided. It is one of the most emotional events in our existence, so we are extremely vulnerable to the “A” Certain Value Programming.

As I had mentioned earlier; if they can get you to focus on the “A” content divided, which is the “democratic/republican show”, then we lose track of any worthy alternate candidate. If they can get you to choose one or the other with any conviction what so ever, then the “B” content or the alternative choices, literally cease to exist as far as the physical form is concerned.

The “A” Certain Value Programming works every time, under every condition and our elections turn out to be a programmed, navigable outcome, without the masses ever realizing they have been deceived.

There is a very simple answer as to why this type of programming works. It is because we cannot accept our physical form for what it is, which is simply a mechanism. This mechanism cannot tolerate its own truth, which turns out to be its most debilitating trait, for we are not; easily programmed, we are simply; programmable!

Our perception of an unfettered free will, turns out to be our most devastating weakness and the rulers of this planet use this weakness against us, to “show” an election, which appeases the masses for a time, so they can continue on with their long-term goals.

It is the perception of an unfettered free will, which actually negates our true free will.

They do not care which one of their candidates win, because they are all working for the same upper echelons.

The “A” content is our current electoral system, but the system has been hijacked, by powerful, wealthy interested parties. These parties spend billions programming and navigating outcomes.

They are able to do this without notice, because they know something we have not realized yet.

The truth is, we are a system in and of our self; a separate individual physical mechanism, tied hopelessly to the creations we have given birth to. If you know how to program the system, which is the mind and body, then you own the systems and there is no free will.

Try and understand how your mind and body really works and accept what your nature is. If you can see your true physical nature, for what it is, then you will see the programming and will be set free from the systems we have created and the power structure which is currently running the “show”.

Their programming will be nullified and they will lose all power over us.

There are hundreds of thousands of good and decent people around us that would love to serve the greater good of mankind. It is time to dump these bought and paid for career politicians.

It is time to demand a truthful election. Every candidate, which can obtain fifteen thousand legitimate signatures, gets the same exact amount of free air time to tell you about who they are and what they are going to do for us, then the media outlets get blacked out; no reporting, no commentary, no debates, no polls, no statements about who is ahead in the polls and no statements about who does not have a chance of winning.

They will tell you that this is non-sense and get you to argue about the merit of my contention. They will divide the “A” content and you will dismiss this notion and will have been a victim of “A” Certain Value Programming.

James Scott Velozo

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Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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