Persuading the Next President of the United States

Persuading “A” Certain Value

There is more than one form of persuasion used to influence the people, but the most widely used form is what I like to call, Persuading “A” Certain Value; whereas A/A – (B through Z) = ACV, with A – Z constituting all known data or options and ACV constituting a representation of reality, which is not truthful, complete or whole.

A hypothetical scenario of the Persuasion of “A” Certain Value is the government coming in to my home, taking me away and detaining me under statutes within the patriot act; as some kind of enemy combatant. They confiscate my computer and all my writings; then go through all my material (A – Z) and run values against it; their values!

If they chose to defend their actions they would show you a tiny sampling of my writings. Consider these sample writings; “A” content. The problem is they will not show you the rest of my writings, which is the “B” through “Z” content and you will not ask to see them, and I can tell you why!

By showing you only one or two pieces, you are provided ACV, but are denied the whole story or the truthful representation of reality. This is how they persuade “A” Certain Value, but the nature of truth is equal to A through Z, with no one piece of data or relative option representing a lesser aspect of the truth or the whole story.

The ruling elites on this planet use the media, along with overt and covert government workers to show you “A”, but leave out the “B – Z” content, which denies you “A Truthful Value” (“ATV”). They show you, let us say, 1% out of 100% of my writings or content, but choose what 1% to show you. In this way they are misrepresenting the “TRUTH” in an effort to control the values established by the individual bodies.

In every case or circumstance on this planet, without “B – Z” content, “A” is a lie, because it does not fully establish a truthful representation of reality.

As a physical representation, regardless of how we came to be, it is our nature, design or designed nature, to take in a piece of data; any piece of data and establish a value, every single time based on the data presented, but if we are not given all the data, available options or the whole story, then it is impossible to form “A Truthful Value”.

The ruling powers could take a sampling of my writings; “A” and easily leave you feeling like I am either a nut or a saint, depending on what they present as “A”, but if they deny the “B – Z” content, perspectives or options, then you are denied “A Truthful Value”.

What solidifies “A” Certain Value Programming is to get us to pick a side of “A”, which in this case would be; am I a nut or a saint. This is “A” content divided. They would show you a nut and then get you to argue about whether or not it is true. The more tense and heated the debate becomes, the more powerful the programming is, because once you choose a side of partial data or options with any emotion or conviction, the value is locked into the form and we own the value, every single time, under every single circumstance; division and emotion are critical.

If they can simply get us to focus on the “A” content divided, then we lose track of “B – Z” and most certainly (“ATV”), but if they can get us to choose a side of “A”, then we do not just lose track of “B – Z”; “B through Z” cease to exist, as far as the mind and body is concerned and what we say to ourselves is; “I have made up my mind”.

I have always pondered the reasons why, we do not ask for the “B – Z” content or classified data. I always believed it was because we were afraid, but this is not the case. It is the division of the “A” which distracts us from “B – Z”, which allows for the perception; there is no “B – Z” content, perspectives or options. What we do from there is establish a certain value, from “A” content alone. The division of “A” is absolutely critical to the formula; without it, we would naturally seek all the data, which in my opinion negates our divine nature, by stifling our curiosity.

It is not truth in any circumstance or under any condition, unless it is valued against 100% of the data. There is no partiality in truth! We either have all the data, perspectives or options (“A – Z”) or we do not have “TRUTH”; we are left with spin and perception of truth only, which constitutes a belief, which is the wine we are currently intoxicated on.

The media outlets are not doing us a service by providing both sides of the “A” content, they are trapping us. They are not doing this purposely. They are just like we are. They are given data and whatever data they are given, they simply run with.

A good journalist used to search for and distribute the “B – Z” content and this service used to be a valuable resource to humanity, but they do not get paid to do this anymore and you know, we all have to eat, which makes it even harder to ask for the data or value options.

The Two Party System

By the time the presidential election rolls around, we will all have been persuaded to believe there are only two viable choices for president, while in truth, there are hundreds of thousands of morally responsible, intelligent and decent human beings, which will not place themselves above the mass they were hired to protect.

Many folks would see our two-party electoral system as not falling within the described parameters of “A” Certain Value Programming, because they are showing more than one candidate. It could be argued they are providing the “A” through “Z” content or all of the available options.

In my opinion this perception is an inaccurate accounting of reality, as you are viewing the republican, democratic and independent candidates as being the “A” through “Z” options or all of the available viable choices, but this is not true.

The truth is the two-party system is the “A” content. The system is the “A”, not the participants in the system. They show you a couple of republicans, a few democrats and throw in an independent or two, to round out the illusion of an election. They may even allow for an “outsider” to make a run at the presidency, but believe me, this is just for show.

They name (“A”), which are all the candidates they push on us or provide, then they divide them (“A”/”A”) through the use of the primaries, caucuses, media, debates, polls and breaking news stories. Then the republican and democratic “front-runners” are presented along with a token independent candidate, but will negate this candidate by persuading us, an independent vote will harm one of the “frontrunners”.

Our elections are one of the most highly contested and volatile bombardments of “A” content divided. It is one of the most emotional events in our existence, so we are extremely vulnerable to the “A” Certain Value Programming, under these parameters.

As I had mentioned earlier; if they can get us to focus on the “A” content divided, which is the “democratic/republican show”, then we lose track of any worthy alternate candidates. If they can get you to focus on the show, then we lose track of other choices. If they can get us to choose one or the other presented candidates, with any conviction what so ever, then the “B – Z” content or the alternative choices, literally cease to exist, as far as the physical form is concerned.

The “A” Certain Value Programming works every time, under every condition and our elections turn out to be a programmed, navigable outcome, without us ever realizing we have been deceived.

You may not like this and even stop reading, but there is a very simple answer as to why this type of programming works. It is ego. We cannot accept our physical form for what it is; which is simply a created natural mechanism! We cannot tolerate our own truth, which turns out to be its most debilitating trait, for we are not; easily programmed, we are simply; programmable!

It does not matter if God made us or not. We are what we are and this is what we have to come to terms with; the “what” in our “WHO”.

Our perception of an unfettered free will, turns out to be our most devastating weakness and the rulers of this planet use this weakness against us, to show an election, which appeases us for a time, so they can continue on with their long-term goals, which are the goals of the corporate man and the military industrial complex.

It is the perception of an unfettered free will, which actually negates our true free will.

They do not care which one of their candidates win, because they are all working for the same upper echelons and special interests. If they persuade Donald Trump into victory, this is what they wanted to happen.

The “A” content is our current electoral system, but the system has been hijacked, by powerful, wealthy interested parties. These parties spend billions programming and navigating outcomes. They have been studying us for decades and have refined their programming into a finely tuned machine.

They will use “A” Certain Value programming against us. To show democracy in all her beauty, but she has been defiled.

In brief, they use the primaries, caucuses and the electoral-college to create a vision of truth and if an unwanted candidate gets a foothold, they will just negate them at the national convention. They then will use advertising, marketing and promotion to show “A” and divide “A” and this is how they divide and conquer us. Next, they will use the debates, post-debate analysis and commentary to solidify the programming and then finally the polls, to gauge how the “A” certain value programming is coming along.

Add in a timely breaking news story about Trump or Clinton and they have an absolutely full proof system to show an election and to have every individual perceive an election, without an actual election ever taking place.

They are able to do this without notice, because they know something we have not realized yet.

The truth is, we are a system in and of our self. We are “A – Z”, but are operating on “A” divided. We are a separate individual physical entity, tied hopelessly to the creations we have given birth to and the forms they have created in our names.

If you know how to program the system, which is the mind and body, then you own the systems and there is no free will, just a drink of wine.

We are not designed or created to operate effectively on “A” content divided or partial information or options. It equates to providing a computer 1% of all known data and then asking the computer to evaluate truth or choose an good and decent president.

We are not choosing a president, we are agreeing or not agreeing with who they have chosen. There is a difference.

We need to try and understand how our minds and bodies really work and accept what your nature is; they have! If we can see our true physical nature for what it is, then we will see the programming and be set free from the systems we have created and the power structure which is currently running the “show”.

Their programming will be nullified and they will lose all power over us.

There are thousands of good and decent people around us, which would love to serve the greater good of mankind. There are hundreds of thousands of people, which would make good public servants, but will have to be talked into serving.

We have to choose who the candidates are which are going to be allowed to run, not the special interests; us and not our creations. We must begin to rule of die trying.

I know people who would make wonderful public servants. They would not wish to do it, because we have all been programmed to believe that a politician must be smooth, slick, able to lie without a tell and most of all be able to evade answering direct questions, while presenting the illusion of a quality answer.

In truth, there is a gigantic separation between a politician and a good and decent human being, which is the only possible choice for public service, but what of our creations, what would they wish us to choose?

It is time to dump these bought and paid for career politicians and anyone else they may be showing to perpetuate the illusion of “A Truthful Value”.

It is time to demand a truthful election. Every candidate, which can obtain fifteen thousand legitimate signatures outside the corporate man, get the same exact amount of free air time to tell you about who they are and what they are going to do for us, then the media outlets get blacked out; no reporting, no commentary, no debates, no polls, no statements about who is ahead in the polls and no statements about who does not have a chance of winning, because this is how they persuade.

I do not need to be persuaded. You show me a good and decent man or women of any color of race and I will know; I will sense the truth, because this is inherent in my divine nature; you too!

The above guidelines would be as close to free will as we ever get. We do not need false idols (pundits and media personalities) telling us who to vote for.

The notion of a basic average human being not being able to sense the “TRUTH”, is just another programmed parameter, set in place to keep us in the perception of need.

They will tell you this is non-sense and get you to argue about the merit of my contention. They will divide the “A” content and if you dismiss this notion, you will have been a victim of “A” Certain Value Programming.

They will push their value upon you and you will take it, but only because you have been programmed to do so.

James Scott Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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