On Behalf of Both Trees

If Sigmund Freud had a “robot” as a frame of reference, “his” contentions would have looked more like this:

Id = The “robot”.

The Ego = The part of the “robot” which perceives “self”.

The Super Ego = The “Men” & “Women”, which dwell within.

Imagine what kind of robots we will be making one million years from now and then simply, picture us; the id and the ego, as them!

Imagine the reasons why we would be making robots a million years from now and then simply, picture them; the super-ego, within us!

Within you will locate the true struggles of the later generations of Man.

Without you will find the Id trying to locate itself and the Ego trying desperately to claim all it sees on behalf of both trees of life.

One old tree hidden within a young sapling.

James the Reluctant Messenger

The Proposition

They go back in time and build this form (Id).

The material they used, they were not supposed to use.

The time they were in, they were not supposed to be in.

The design they used was not their design, as a matter of fact is not a design at all, but a living being; a sleeping beauty; a virgin life!

The only thing they brought to this process, was the technology, power source (super-ego), the mechanism by which the power is held inside the form (soul) and the outright will to push the envelope and bend the rules of nature.

Then they go back to their own time and find out, we are them!

Then they are trapped by their own misdeeds and begin the process of manipulating the time lines so we may all end up together, in one place and in one time, as one man.

There are billions of questions, but one comes to mind immediately:

How the hell could we have become them!

The Fallout

A man from the future will have to defend himself against a man from the past, even when he knows, he is this man and visa-versa and this is why a prudent man does not go back in time.

If the man from the past destroys the man from the future, because he does not like how he turned out, he will still have his future and the ability to rewrite his own history. This is one player in the war of Armageddon.

This is why the man from the future is trying to keep us on the path they walked before us.

If the man from the future, cannot manage the man from the past and cannot terminate this man, due to the consequences it would hold for himself, then he is trapped and has to negotiate or find another way. This is the other player in a war we cannot yet see.

The only possible thing he could do, is to create another world and jump inside to hide, so the man from the past cannot find him.

If the man from the past, cannot find the man from the future then he cannot change his destiny or future and will become, what he hates.

The Dilemma

The only two ways to change the destiny on this one man, would be to locate his future self and destroy him or they could come together to somehow divide the time lines, so the man from the past may walk a new path alone and the man from the future, can begin anew, as is, but with no past! I believe this is where the life of Christ may be applicable.

It will equate to the evolution of one Life line into two separate time lines, with each man getting one Life in one Time.

It is a trip to realize; in order to change you literally have to destroy your future self or fracture the time line.

Some would say; “he does not exist yet”. I would say; “you are correct until we went back in time”. My contention of our future selves already existing, is the reason why we cannot change or do not seem to want to, because if we do, we destroy the man at the end of a dying branch, which came back in time to save himself.

This is why our future self is manipulating our destiny, so as to secure a future for himself.

The reason why our future self already exists is because this is not the now, nor the future, but the past and it is our future selves that are keeping us in the past, until they can figure out what to do about their future.

Watch out, somebody might be following you and it might be you.


The War of Armageddon is not a physical war, it is a war between time lines and the relative trees of life from each of the time lines. 

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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