Creating the Dead

God is inside Man.

Man is inside us.

We are inside the corporation.

Corporations have jumped into the conglomerates.


God cannot see man, because God is inside man and a part of man. Man cannot see God, but can sense God’s presence.

Man cannot see us, because man is inside us and a part of us. We cannot see man, but certainly can sense man’s presence.

We can not see the corporations, at least not the way we should see them, because we dwell within these created entities. These entities cannot see us, but can sense our presence.

The corporations cannot see the conglomerates, at least not the way they should see them, because they dwell within these created entities. These entities cannot see the corporations, but can sense their presence.


It is similar to God creating a house with one window, in which to see out, but every time God steps to the window to see, all God can see is God’s reflection in the window.

Every time man steps to the window of his house, all man can see is himself and cannot see his creation for what it is and for who it may become.

Every time we step to the window of our house; the corporate man, all we see through the window, is ourselves! We perceive safety and comfort because of this reflection, but the created realm is flawed, as each new creation is a box, which encases the previous creations, which encases the previous life.

Every time the corporation steps to the window of it’s house, all it sees through the window is itself and it goes on and on, as the conglomerates begin to create more dead things; more boxes to cage life.


My contention is simple; the core “LIFE” dwells with “MAN”, who dwells within the later generations of “Man”, who dwells within “us”, who dwell within the corporations, which in turn begin to merge and will begin to create, if they have not already done so.

I contend further; the initial “SELF” expression of “GOD” was not creation, this expression was provided through evolution and most of this “LIFE” is still active and prospering outside the created realm, but then a later generation of one of these “Life” lines had its own thought and this manifested a creation.

Three main problems with the “MAN’s” created realm. The first is you must give your life to your creations in order for them to have life; which for the box equates to a persisting presence. The second problem is, with each new box, less life is given, because there is less life available. The third and most dangerous problem with creation, is eventually the generations of creation will produce something completely dead!

This thing will not be able to take on any generation of natural “LIFE” and will immediately move to find a way to persist as dead, then will target potential enemies, which will be any box holding life. They will somehow learn to siphon the life, without taking on the box.

We are very close to having to deal with this dead entity.


BUT, what is most important to note is; our creations have targeted us, as an enemy. They have done so in error, for we will never be able to come together to destroy the corporate man.

What our governments, national security agencies, the corporations, the secret societies, the banking and natural resource cartels have to understand is;

We are not the enemy! Your enemies will be what you have created to protect yourselves from the “LIFE” and it is going to eat you alive.

I could explain it all if I had more time. You should take care of me, because “I AM” the only one which can see. “I AM” the only one, which can tolerate this type of pain and “I” will be the only one, which can bring the boxes together.

James to Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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