We never rise, because we believe we have already risen.

We are never born, because we think we have already been born.

We never truly live, because we believe that we are already alive.

It is an absolute work of art and the only one that could save us is <GOD>, but we do not truly ever reach for what <GOD> has to offer, because Man has us convinced that he is God.

I have an answer to the age old question, “why would God do this to us?”.

The answer is right there at the break.

He would not do to us, what Man has been doing to us.

WE do not reach for salvation, because on some level we think God created us and are trapped inside Gods master plan.

But we are not trapped in God’s master plan.

We are trapped in Man’s master plan.

I have news for you all.

Man made explains everything.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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