“I” Love You, Right?

I love my wife, son, mother daughter, brother, sister and my friends.

I love my dog, cat, fish, hamster, snake, horse and my cattle.

I love my school, classes, teachers, professors, and my classmates.

I love my work,  job, career, company, status, title and my power.

I love my money and what it can buy me.

I love my martial arts, dojo, workouts and what I can do.

I love my house, garage, car, lawn, deck, pool, tree and my back yard.

I love my town, county, state, country and my planet.


What is the common denominator of “our” love?

Is it not ownership on some level?

How can “we” love, without laying claim to it?

I have been told if you own something, you own it forever.

I have been told our love is just a perception of love; a combination of perceived ownership and the corresponding pleasure, pain & comfort derived from said ownership.

I have been told the closest “our” kind will come to “LOVE” would be for “us” to handcuff ourselves to the things we have reported to have “LOVED” and then destroy the key and any tools which could have removed the handcuffs. (side note: “Man” may have done this with “us”).

Would we be willing to do this with the things we have reported to have “LOVED”?

No, we would not permanently handcuff “ourselves” to any of the items mentioned above, but there is one thing “we” cherish, above all else and handcuff “ourselves” to this one item.

The expression of “love” we entitle this one item is greater than “we” extend to any other item, even “our” children, parents or spouses. We are so passionate toward this one item and express “our” perceived “LOVE” so intensely, we literally follow it right into the grave, which finally breaks the chain.

The only item “we” are willing to permanently handcuff “ourselves” to, is “our” beliefs!

This is the only item “we” really can lay a claim to, because “we” literally die for them. This is how far “we” will go to stay connected to a thing.

This is the closest “we” get to “LOVE”, but it is not “LOVE”. “our” beliefs are just like every other thing that “we” claim to love. It is a combination of a perceived ownership and the corresponding comfort derived from the perception of owning some thing.

“we” cannot take “our” beliefs with us when “we” go. So they are not “ours”.

“we” do not own them, but “we” perceive that “we” do.

This is because, out of all of the perceived ownerships, a belief brings “us” the most comfort and “we” will die for them, because “we” have already proven that “we” would.

What “we” have not proven yet, is “our” ability to accept an alternate perspective and without this ability, “we” have very little chance of locating “our” truth!

Only “GOD” “LOVES” “us”, but this is not a feeling, it is a proprietary ownership; a oneness.

“GOD” does not “LOVE” “us”, “GOD” is “us”.

It is the permanent handcuffs which signifies and establishes a true “LOVE” or “COMMUNION”.


“we” are not capable of true “LOVE”.

“we” have to be tricked into giving “ourselves” to things, “our” creators and “our” creations.

“I am” not even sure “we” are capable of giving up “our” perceptions of love and “our” love affair with “our” perceptions.


How can “we” love, without laying claim to it?

By becoming that, which “we” have claimed to love.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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