Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK

Chapter One – First Generation was A-OK

The whole creates or allows for the creation of a nucleus. The nucleus now becomes the constitution of the entire entity. The constitution is brilliant, bright, powerful and most importantly, focused and dedicated. It becomes an essential and integral part of the whole.

The constitution immediately becomes the foundation, framework and functional structure for the whole, but does not surround the whole in form. The constitution is within and a part of the whole. While this nucleus is whole, unchanged and pure, in and of itself, it surrounds the whole from within and uses its power to protect the whole from outside threats, similar to a shield.

The whole literally sacrifices itself to the care and protection of something it created of its own volition. The constitution becomes the heartbeat of the whole, while the life is pushed through the braches; giving unto itself.

Once the constitution is established it stands in place of the whole and the whole goes to sleep, knowing the constitution will care for them while at rest. Let us face it, before the constitution there was not much time to rest and certainly no peace in which do so.

Once this transference takes place, the nucleus begins to create or allows for the creation of additional entities, but in order to bring function to these entities, they must be infused with a piece of life from the whole. The nucleus gives birth to a generation of form and the whole provides for its function.

The forms sole responsibility is to care for and protect the whole, by and through the constitution or nucleus. This first generation of creation consisted in part, of the executive, judicial, legislative and forceful bodies. These bodies were created along; let us say, four living branches. These bodies were dedicated to the nucleus and most importantly, remembered and cherished the whole, from where they originated.

The first generation is a combination of form, brought to function, by the life of the whole, through the heart.

First generation remembers and pledges allegiance to its creator and the whole.

There are two potential problems with the first generation form, which will give rise to additional problems. The first is, the form is nothing without the lives which dwell within and the second, they have to come directly to the whole for finance and continuance, which will later be perceived as their life.

The lives which bring function to the forms are from the whole and come into these forms and structures directly. So in essence, we have first generation form with function provided by the whole itself.

Keep in mind; the nucleus in nothing without the cell. Anything it creates on its own, is dead without the life of the whole. The constitution is incapable of bestowing life into its creations, so the life must come from the whole, if the cell is to live.

The whole give their lives, to power what is created in their name, but this is not a problem for any one life or any of the forms or entities created and from the first generation, back to the whole, all is well.

The form, function and in-dwelling life are dedicated to two tasks; to protect and maintain their existence and to protect and care for the out-dwelling life, which in their case, is the whole. They accomplish this by and through the good will of the nucleus and all is well within this world.


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Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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