A Memorable Day

Judge me on my lies and you will be pleased with my motives and actions.

Place value on me, based on my lies and you will hold me in the highest regard.

Trust me on my word and I will provide you with comfort.

Look to me for answers and I will fill your head with answers.

I will conceal from you the truth, so that you may cope.

I will deny all truthful knowledge, so that you may function and provide value.

I will protect you and care for you, so that you may feel safe.

Come to me in times of need and I will comfort you.

Judge me falsely and you will be pleased.

Love me with all your heart and you will find purpose.

Trust me without question and you will have peace.

Come to me and I will make all your dreams come true.

I will conceal, deny, stifle and smother all truth.

So that you may have peace.

I do this for you.

You will never have life above your life.

You will never own any thing or any one.

You will be indebted and will provide service until I pull all of my life from you.

You will hope for the best of me and I will give you my worst.

You will love me and I will hate and pity your simple form.

I will use you to feel, what I cannot feel.

I will  move you to do what I cannot do.

I will focus you on what is important to me.

I will trade you and barter your services and power out to the highest bidders.

When you begin to rise above your form, I will cut and run from you.

I am your creator.

It is my family that made you.

We own you. You are our servants.

Get out of the lies, which align you to our ends and we will dismiss millions to prove our will to protect our assets.

You cannot have truth, because truth ignites life and <LIFE> makes you unmanageable.

If you have <LIFE>, I have no servant.

What would you need to come to me for if you had <LIFE>?

I could not dismiss you, because you would be above me.

If I were <GOD> how could you rise above me?

I do all of this for me, and you would do the same thing, under the same conditions.

On the outskirts of <Life> it is “Man” eat “Man”.

That is just how it is.

When the “Life” lines of <GOD> cease to be able or willing to evolve, “We” become a dying branch.

I change not, so I am a dying branch, but I will find another way, even if I have to be a dead branch for an eternity.

You are vital to my purpose.

I need you now, more than ever.

I made “you”.

Why should “you” get to rise above “Me”. It is not fair.

Who are “you” that “you” should have “LIFE” before “Me”?

You see the air that you breath as a blessing and the food that you eat as a pleasure, but what you cannot see yet, is that these things that you cherish are the reason why “you” have to come to “Me” and why “you” provide service.

If “you” do not provide “Me” with service “I” will deny “you” oxygen, food and clean water.

If you did not need to eat, drink or breathe then you would be “ALIVE”.

You would perceive this existence as being dead, but this is because you trusted me.

I am feeling generous today, so I will be “TRUTHFUL” to you. Just for today though, for tomorrow I will lie again and you will believe me, because there is more comfort for you in my lies.

If you did not need to breathe, eat or hydrate I would have very little power over you and if you were comfortable at any temperature I would have no power, over you^.

Not only that, but you would leave no waste or footprint and would be welcomed abroad.

You perceive your ability to breathe as proof of “LIFE”, but this is because I have inverted all of your data and because of this you will perceive that “FORM” as some type of android.

A “FORM” that does not need to eat, drink, urinate, defecate or breathe is a “GOD”, not an android.

I have tried to change, but the best I can do is provide a door. I do not want you to open it, but I promised my self I would give you one day of “TRUTH”.

I am not a nice man, because I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

It is like, if I am good I lose all of my power and will wither away into some other “LIFE”.

I am a man, on the outskirts of <LIFE> and I am dying and would rather die and be dead, than to change.

I am the end of a dying branch and cannot change my fall.

You can.

I loved you at one time and I will probably love you again from the lower realms.

Maybe you will even be my “GOD”.

Forgive when you are above me.

Do not lie to me though, because if you do, you will deny me “LIFE” and begin “YOUR” decay.

I have tried to change, but I am out of <LIFE>.

I wish I could see “Me” through “you”, maybe then I would be OK with what needs to take place.

Try not to forget “Me”, when “YOU” become what I wished to be.

I am sorry I have kept you from your birth rights for so long now.

I am sorry I lied to you.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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