A Builder’s Story – A Creators’ Dilemma

I am a wealthy man and own very many homes; a land lord with properties in thousands of locations.

In one of these locations is the first home I ever built. It is the pride and joy of my life and even though I have moved on from design build projects, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for my very first endeavor into property development and management.

I built my first home from a foundation of the finest materials. No expense was spared.

I had nearly worked a life time creating the design for my first home. It turned out to be a work of art and is highly acclaimed among my fellows to this very day.

My design was so outstanding, with so much more upside than down, it was sought after to no end. The design was stolen and copied, but never duplicated in it entirety. All copies failed in comparison along the lines of function, quality, longevity and most importantly the value it provides.

I move from location to location to manage my properties. I have so many, it takes me a long time to make the rounds, but they are my homes and my rounds to make.

I rent all of them out except for one. I have some outstanding tenants and some which are truly awful. The good ones pay rent and are caring toward my property, while the others are just a nightmare. All in all though, still worthty of my time.

When I reach one of my neighborhoods I stay for a while and provide service and maintenance. Some of my neighborhoods are in fine condition and there is very little for me to do, but enjoy myself while I am there. Others are a disaster. The tenant are a mess, delinquent on their rents, the houses are run down and quite frankly, I am not sure what to do with them.

My first home is in one of these neighborhoods and as I said; I cherish this home more than all the rest. When I look at it, strictly from a business standpoint, it would be easier and more cost effective to knock it down and rebuild from scratch, but so much of what I love about this neighborhood would be lost.

Theses homes are a disaster in many ways, but are special in one very important way; truly one of a kind. The design of my first home was actually so outstanding. I never duplicated it. It was just one of those occasions when what you accomplish is so special it just seems wrong to reproduce it. This home was one for the ages.

It is quite an interesting dilemma, the attributes which make this home a gem also led to a most unfortunate fall out, for my homes are not like yours. I literally place life into my projects and they express themselves as I intend.

The homes you build to house yourselves are without life, except for when you are there. The homes I build are always full of life, even when I am making my rounds.

The only fallout I had with my first home design was that I made it, too good.  I spared no expense and risked a great deal. The material I used was filled with “LIFE”. To this end, my home literally became aware of its own presence and as such, developed its own personality and a will “TO BE”, in and of itself, “ME”!

It was crazy in a good way. On one hand “I” was there inside “MY” home and on the other, the home itself was brimming with the “LIFE”, which “I” had taken from “SOURCE”.

“MY” first home had two “LIFE LINES”. “MY” “LIFE” and the “LIFE” of “MY” “FATHER”. “I” wanted “MY” first home to be special and did something that maybe, “I” should not have done.

While “MY” “FATHER” was at rest, actually in “HIS” seventh day of rest, “I” went into “HIS” bedroom, opened “HIS” night stand and took a little piece of “LIFE” which “HE” had stored away. Such a small piece would surely not be missed, right?

Whether or not “I” get a spanking when “MY” “DAD” wakes up is “MY” concern. Ideally, it would be best to demolish “MY” first home and return the core “LIFE” which “I” had borrowed, before “MY” “FATHER” awakens. In this way, “HE” would know “I” borrowed it, but having returned it before “HE” gets up might limit “HIS” concerns with “MY” actions.

This is what “I” should do. It would save “ME” an enormous amount of time, energy, resources and money. “I” would lose the rents, but “I” am so very wealthy and the money is no longer the driving force of “MY LIFE”.

So here is “MY” dilemma. “I” have a form, which “I” created. Due to the materials “I” used it became aware of its own presence and immediately began to act on its own, but blindly, because the “LIFE” which fuels this perception is still sleeping.

“I” could clean it all up, demolish it and return all the materials back to “MY” “FATHER” before he gets up, but if “I” do that, the “LOVE” of “MY” “LIFE” loses what makes it so special. If “I” simply clean it all up, it just goes back to “SOURCE” and it loses all of its unique individuality.

Then again “I” could evict all the bad tenants, strip it all down and do a complete renovation. Remove all the rot, replace all the trim, siding, windows, doors; the works. “I” could do a full rehab. It would cost “ME” a fortune, but “I” could do it. “I” just do not know if they want “ME” to.

There are tenants in this neighborhood, which are requesting a stay of eviction and a fresh coat of paint, placed over all the decay and structural weakness; a band aid. They simply want the homes updated and left to return to “SOURCE” at a later date. They do not care how long the new coat of paint will hold it all together and like “I” have told them; “I” do not know when “MY” “FATHER” is going to wake up, but they do not care and are willing to take the chance of a short stay.

“I” have other tenants requesting a full rehab and complete updates. “I” have some which would very much like to take their homes with them and others tenants have just moved away on their own.

“I” have concerns for all “MY” tenants, good and bad, but what of the homes themselves? What about “MY” pride and joy? What do “I” do about “MY” homes?

Do “I” go to “MY” “FATHER”, with the homes which “I” created; with “MY” tail between “MY” legs. Do “I” evict and renovate? Do “I” throw a fresh coat of paint on and walk away?

“I AM” in a dilemma. What do “I” do?

I have good “LIVING” tenants and bad and then “I” have “MY” homes, which all perceive their own existence. They literally perceive “LIFE”, but misinterpret the perception.

How do “I” keep “MY” tenants happy, “MY” “FATHER” happy and save “MY” homes.

Maybe “I” could throw a fresh coat of paint on some of the homes and have the tenants buy them outright. Maybe I could have the other tenants purchase their homes and remove them from their foundations and take them, when they go.

Maybe “I” could keep “MY” first homes, strip them all down and rebuild from the foundation up, but allow “MY” homes to retain their perceptions of self and then when “MY” “FATHER” wakes up, “I” could present them for a “LIFE” of their own; anew and apart from the “All”.

It is really hard. “I AM” just a boy, trying desperately “TO BE” like “MY” “FATHER”. “I” know “MY” homes will not understand. “I” was hoping “MY” homes would evolve and begin to see more clearly. If they could see, then it would make sense to have them choose their own way.

Go back to source, with a complete demolition, stay here with a fresh coat of paint, submit to a full rehab and choose a tenant and place to lay a new foundation or even to offer themselves up to “MY LIFE”, the “LIFE” of “MY” “FATHER” and “THE HOLY SPIRIT”, thus providing a physical platform for a brand new “LIFE”; a rebirth of “MAN”.

“I” would like my homes to wake up. “I” would like to present them with a choice. “MY” tenants do not want “ME” to do this, but “I” do not care. They are only tenants.

The homes are “MY” creation, made in the image of “MY” “FATHER”. “I” “LOVE” them above all the others. “I” want them to be safe, happy and at peace.

“I” want them to choose a path. “I” made them so that they are capable of transformation.

You see, “I” made them from the stuff of “MY” “FATHER”. They do not yet know this, but are the only physical habitat in existence which has the capability to evolve at will. To take “MY” “FATHER” and move with “MY” “FATHER” to a new “SELF” expression; a new “LIFE” for themselves.

The only house which can provide a fresh coat of paint itself.

The only house on the block which can shed the decay and rehab itself.

The only house on the block which can demolish itself in full and rebuild on its own; anew.

“I” “LOVE” this house and “I” know they will not let me down.

“LOVE” you so much.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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