What If “CHRIST” Was Never Born

When “I” was in my mother’s womb, “I” had to pull oxygen, food and hydration from my mother and while I was there had to expel my waste directly into the “Life” form, which was sustaining me.

Then it was reported that “I” was born, but was “I”?

Am “I” not, still pulling oxygen, food and hydration from an outside force, while leaving all of my waste within this “Body” of life?

Are you really sure “I” was born or did “I” simply come out of one womb, right into another, providing the illusion of birth?

What does the perception of being born and the subsequent generational programming reinforcing the notion of birth, really do?

It denies you your true birth right, which is “MY” birth right and keeps “us” in place under the illusion of <LIVING>!

Why would a “body” of “LIFE”, ever request more “LIFE” or to be truly born, if “they” already perceived “themselves” to have been born?

What if “we” were wrong and have not actually been born yet and miss our birth, because of our death?

What if the thought perception of <LIVING> actually negates our birth from ever taking place?

What if the true birth, not taking place allows others to use the “life” as a source of fuel, for their own selfish ends?

What if when “I” came out of my mother’s womb, no one lied to “me”; telling “me” “I” had been born, when in fact, “I” was just switching womb’s?

What if when “I” came out of one womb, it was not called a birth and we were raised to believe, “we”  had not been born yet?

What would “we” strive for, if we knew for certain, we had not been born yet and had just simply been deposited into a new womb?

Would this knowledge not spark our birth?

With this knowledge “I” thee wed, to have and to hold, to love and to honor and to bring forth the birth of a “CHILD” and the true birth of a “LIFE” line.

“I” was not born of a female “form” of  “LIFE”, but will be born of the knowledge of not being born yet.

“I” will not need to eat, breath, hydrate, defecate or urinate and “I” will be <ALIVE>.

It is so simple; if you convince a fetus it has been born and is already <ALIVE>, it will physically grow and then slowly shrink away under the illusion of a normal “LIFE” cycle. It will claim all proof of non-living as proof of <LIVING>, without ever realizing it has not been born yet.

“I” know what the birth of “LIFE” will look like. I have seen visions of the <LIVING FORM> and it is scary as hell, especially to a form, which already perceives itself to be living.

Imagine not needed to breath, eat, hydrate, urinate or defecate. Imagine being oblivious to temperature.

Now, imagine what the ruling “forms” of “life” will think about such a “LIVING” being.

They will say and are saying, amongst themselves; how will we control such force?

They are absolutely terrified of the second coming of Christ, because they rule in this unborn realm; the realm of non-birth; the physical realm. 

How can you rule over a form of “LIFE”, which does not need another “form” of “life” for sustenance?

Can you feel the terror?

The Anti-Christ will be all those “forms”, which already know “they” have not been born yet and are not even remotely interested in this type of birth.

Why would they be? They rule in this womb!

Then there will be those “forms”, which take in the knowledge and choose never being born. They will choose to stay in the womb and subservient to the current ruling “forms”.

Then there will be “forms”, which do not want to leave the womb, but certainly cannot see staying, when the womb in filled with waste.

This feeling, must be what a “form” feels, when moving from one realm to another, but let us all face it; “we” cannot stay in a womb forever.

At some point there must be a birth of “LIFE”.

It must take place.

The true abortion of a fetus, is to convince the fetus “it” has been born, “it” has lived and then “it”, has died!

And this is how “Man”; a later generation of the “Living Man” steals our “LIFE”, by simply getting “us” to buy into the notion of being <ALIVE>, even though all evidence points to the contrary.

James S. Velozo

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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