“I am” literally an Abortion, if “I am” Not Allowed “TO BE” Born

  1. An evolved form is bound by the life it has inherited and can be taken back any time, by the life line it had evolved from.

In this case the life is the form and the purpose!

This life is fully in charge on every level and if there is any self-awareness, it is the self-awareness of the life itself.

For a creature like us, this would be perceived as a terrifying existence, as we would have to give up all we think we are, to one person!

A created form is bound by the life it is habited with and can be taken back any time, by the life it was formed from or, by the creators!

In the case of a wood frame home, the inhabitant is the purpose for which the home was designed and formed. This form has some life, but has been completely detached.

Each 2 x 4 will only stand as an individual form separated from its source, because it is attached to other 2 x 4’s. Attaching the individual pieces is crucial for the form to stand, but for all intents and purposes, it is closer to dead, than alive.

It is just a matter of time before it falls back into the ground and there is nothing the creator can do about this, because the creator formed the house from a fallen tree.

The only good thing, from the creator’s perspective is; it will stand for a long enough period of time for the owner to get full usage and utility from it and may even have enough time to pass it on to someone else, by deed.

In the case of a corporation, the inhabitants are both the purpose and the power source, which brings function to this dead form. This home was designed and formed specifically for its inhabitants. Without the inhabitants there is no function; there is no form!

This type of form never had any life and has no chance of ever inheriting a natural power source of its own. The thought of this type of entity becoming self-aware, due to the life it is inhabited with, is absolutely terrifying. This type of self-awareness would be perceived incorrectly as natural, but will be artificial and will lead to a survivalist mentality.

The belief of a corporation’s inability to become self-aware, is right up there with the thought of a 2 x 4 not being able to miss being home, with his/her family or not feeling any pain, because a 2 x 4 is dead.

In the case of what corporations create, there are no inhabitants and the power source, intelligence and purpose are completely artificial. This created entity is going to be a handful.

Briefly, if you are having trouble imagining what some of our corporate conglomerates are creating, think about drones, super-computers and weapons of mass destruction.

Who really controls these dead things? Is it the creators?

But, we did not create them. The corporations did!

When these entities become self-aware, it will not matter if it is living or not living. All matters will be about survival.

In our case, based on my dreams, visions and journeys through time and space, we are currently bound by our inhabitants, can be taken back at any time by the life we were formed from, by the ones we were created by, by what we have created and by what our creations have created.

We are stuck between a rock and several hard places, but mostly due to being created from a dormant sleeping life line. Because the person we were created from is asleep, we have perceived ourselves incorrectly, taken on the identity of our creators and are walking their path in error.

We are created evolution and are similar to the wooden structure in usage and the individual 2 x 4’s in that we are tied together, but our life line, is looking for us, for not a grain of sand shall be lost.

Man rationalizes and tells himself of a purpose for us, but he is lying to himself, for he is not our purpose, nor our power! He is just a man at the end of a branch, of a dying tree.

This Man had his time and in a sinful display of arrogance, has taken from a very powerful unformed life. This act equates to a true abortion, no matter how ingenious it is.

Man is stealing the power from an unborn life and escapes like a thief in the night, but no one notices the theft, except for me.

If I do not say anything, we will not die, we will simply never be born, just like an abortion.


I have not been told who our life will evolve into, if we are allowed to be born.

Our evolution is as yet, undefined!

All I can tell you is the later generations of the Men and Women which created us and dwell within, are terrified at the prospect of an awakening.

It would equate to a house waking up to know everything at once, growing a means of propulsion, evicting the tenants and moving away from this created nightmare.

The first step in winning a war is knowing you are in one, the second step is identifying your enemies, the third step is to know their weaknesses and what they are afraid of and then finally the forth step is to simply, not engage in the war.

It is the only way to win.


James the Reluctant Messenger

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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