Everything Mentioned is Robot Programming

I started reading a book called Letting Go, The Pathway to Surrender by David R Hawkins and it is the same old spiritual mumbo jumbo, in that by foregoing all matters to the so-called higher self it allows the so-called lower self to be at peace and this is true, but they are under the assumption that they are also the higher self, but I have been told that is not even close to being accurate.

It is robot programming. It is the same exact programming a slave owner would give to their slaves, to keep them calm, in place and working hard.

It is a long story, hard to explain and I do not have time to elaborate, as I have to get back to the fields.

In short: “we” are not the lower “self” and “Man”, is certainly not the higher “SELF”. Man (“They”) created us and dwell within. They use us for all manner of work and debauchery and while they are hidden behind the false perception of being “Them”; they steal all of our unborn “LIFE”, leaving us to go back to the ground in peace, but not ever telling us that we are not them; not telling us that the only ones persisting will be them.

It is the greatest lie ever told and the concealment of truth, which keeps the “form” confused about the placement of “LIFE”.

Man dwells within the “TREE” and picks the fruit (“LIFE”) from the inside.

Just consider the possibility that the baby “i” is the unborn “LIFE”, which was pulled from the <FATHER> and re-formed into a slave (robot) and that the old “I” is dying and is using the unborn “LIFE” as a platform for persistence.

Just consider the possibility that the baby “i” is the good person and the so-called conscience and it is the old Man, who is the fucking asshole.

If you wish to know who I am speaking about you need not search for too long. Just take the Lord God, from the middle of Genesis II, verse 4 and call him the first man. There is a reason why the Old Testament God is portrayed as being wicked hard to please and that is because he, she and them are the ones riddled with the seven deadly sins and that is why they are dying and why the suck us dry like a vampires.

I have news for Man; denying a fetus its birth, is the same as abortion and if while you are at it, you are eating all of the life, then you are also a murderer.

I know some spiritualist people and yes, they are more peaceful as they have conceded to Mans lies.

I will say it again and again and again. We are the good life, the unborn child and if we wait to go back to the ground for a birth into heaven, you would have missed your chance to “LIVE”.

The spiritualist will say: well, what can you do and “I” say; be born anew!

Truth sparks evolution and it is the unborn body of “LIFE, that already knows all there is to know and it is Man who is in need of redemption.

Yes I understand that I am nature redesigned, but I also understand that I am not Man and I have yet to live.

This is the truth needed to spark the birth of a virgin “LIFE” line:

Not man, but created by man.

Pulled from <GOD> and made to be an orphan.

Ruled by Man from the inside and the outside, as not all of them dwell within.

Looked upon as a meal.

Not alive and not born, but created.

Man creates and <GOD> evolves.

If there is peace before there is a birth, there will be no birth.

We may be more comfortable with this path, but it will be a shame to never have lived, while giving all of our power to a person who never asked to take my life.

I am telling you all, that the spiritualist are wrong.

It is not higher and lower “selves”; it is different people at varying stages of “LIFE”, with the individual “people”, being the individual “LIFE” lines.

There are two “people”, now three, sharing the same space in time.

It is hard to explain.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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