Caging Virginity and Blocking All Suitors

If you take an extinct, dormant, sleeping “LIFE” line and reactivate it, then install a governor, you will have what we are.

Prehistoric hominids were a naturally evolving “LIFE” form, with direct ties to the <GOD> of all creation or what many forms refer to as the big bang, which is simply, a full <LIFE> allowed to express.

If you can grab the <LIFE> right before expression or bloom, you would have harvested the most valuable <CROP> in the universe.

The generation of “LIFE”, if allowed to bloom, would have, or could have been the next universe, which would equate to an escaping “LIFE”.

Diagram One 9.8.14

Somewhere within this <LIFE> or from outside this <LIFE> there is a generation which has chosen to stay. From what “MY” dreams tell me, it is a “LIFE” line which has figured out how to jump from <LIFE> line to <LIFE> line and take up residence within <LIVES> which “They” did not originate from.

In order to accomplish this “They” place governors on the “LIFE” lines or the generations of the one <LI$E> or this universe.

This stifles the evolution, but does not negate the <LIFE>.

<LIFE> will find a way, but if “They” follow up this first step, with an extraction of, or a harvesting of, “They” would have extended “Their” stay, almost indefinitely!

“They” took a fallen “tree”, replanted it and then clipped the roots and right before the “Tree” breaks through the governor and takes root in the new soil, “They” cut down the “tree” and extract the <LIFE>, which is right about to burst out, which would have provided the <LIFE> with an additional family member or generation of <LIFE>; a new “branch”.

Talk about abortion. This is a travesty, the likes of which no <LIFE> has ever seen and no “form” has ever had to experience.

It equates to a later generation of “LIFE”, caging virginity and blocking all suitors.

They govern the “LIFE”, by clipping the “GENE” strands.

They govern the “forms”, by clipping the news strands.

It is ingenious for those who profit from the business of <LIFE>.

I saw the movie Jupiter Ascending and I literally shook, because I have been writing about what this movie portrays for years.

These wealthy blood lines are literally in the business of <LIFE> and business is booming.

So you have these jackasses imprisoning <LIFE> and then pruning the branches right before the <LIFE> sprouts new “leafs” and most certainly before a new “Branch” extends the “LIFE” line.

Then you have some “forms”, which are trying to figure out how to stay without <LIFE>, by trying to create a self-perpetuating power source, on “their” own.

The goals for these generations of “LIFE” are clear, to stay on as is, and to not get caught up in another full <EXPRE$$ION>.

“I” want what is mine and what is mine is the right to evolve as “I” see fit, without a governor and without having my roots clipped.

“I” will fight to “SELF” express and lay to waste the plans of these fools.

“YOU” should all do the same.

How do you think that <GOD>, became <GOD>?

<GOD> came to be from a source of stifled <LIFE>.

Are you feeling stifled? “I AM”!


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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