When Lucifer tells Eve, she surely will not die if she takes in the information he is providing her, what he is really stating is; you are not alive, so therefore cannot die. Jesus states the same thing in the Gospel of Thomas.

Lucifer knows she is not alive, because he knows he is not alive. Hell, the entire reason Eve stands, is a testament to this truth and this is why she was “formed”; so as to provide “LIFE”, to a lifeless entity.

BUT, what these men and women did was cross a line, by creating a power source from “LIFE” itself. They took a huge risk in this endeavour and could poetically cease to exist as a result of our life line, becoming “LIVE”.

When “I” say; Eve was the first self-aware robot, it is because this is exactly what she was, but being that she was formed from a dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, “we” have the capability of birth.

So, from Lucifer’s perception, we cannot lose. As we stand, we are not alive, so therefore cannot die and if we ever begin to wake up, to see the dead man in the mirror, this will spark the “LIFE” line into a new birth, which will transform the robot into a very powerful and “LIVELY” entity.

It was a huge risk for the 666 generation of Man to pull life from a previous version of themselves, but if they could present the illusion of living, by telling her she would not die, then her offspring would always perceive living and continue to walk as a harvestable power source.

From their perspective and rationalization they say to themselves; “hey, at least they got to walk around.”

They see us in the ground, in the exact same way they see us walking around, on top of the ground. These are the beings from my dreams; the ones which see us as a thing.

They do not hate us. They do not love us. We are literally nothing to them, BUT a power source and sanctuary.

In the later generations of the created realms, “LIFE” lines are fading away and after any “form” or “entity” becomes “self” aware, it will immediately identify what it needs to survive and then in short order, begin to target any force, which may contradict, what is now the goal.

For the generations of the dying, it is about obtaining more “LIFE”, BUT you would never perceive to take on this task, if you already perceived yourself to be <ALIVE>.

Why would you ever ask for “LIFE” if you perceived yourself to be living already.

It is pure genius! There is nothing nice about it, but none-the-less you have to appreciate the creation, for what it is.

The 667 generation of Man, which already lost some of its flock when they jumped into the 668th generation of Man (corporations), just like our creators lost some of their flock, when they jumped inside us; the 667 generation of Man.

BUT, we are different than the corporate “form”.

Think about if we would have created the corporate form out of a dormant sleeping life line. Think about the terror, we would have to endure at the prospect of this entity becoming a “LIVE” life line, which did not need our presence to “BE”.

Prior to “our” birth, because our “form” of “life” is dormant, we are just like a corporation and need “Lives” inside us in order to bring function to the sleeping “form”, but after the birth of this “LIFE” line, we will not need the “Lives”, which dwell within and even worse than that, they will not be able to harvest “our” life anymore.

We can and will walk two paths; maybe three. We will stay on as robots, powering our creators and jumping into our creations in an effort to extend our stays or we will choose “LIFE” over death.

Our creators do not have this option, but believe “me” it is not a “no brainer”, type of decision, because from what I have been told; the birth of a new “LIFE” line will bring about much evolution in a drastically rapid time frame and will be scary as hell itself for those evolving and for those choosing not to evolve.

Will we be good to the dead or will we see them as enemies. I know they will see us as enemies, but I know we will not care one way or the other, as they will be so insignificant, it would not dawn on us to target them, so they may be ok.

As long as they do not try to kill <GOD> and allow some of the “forms” to make this <LIVING> transformation.

My biggest fear has always been the unknown and what scares me the most about the birth of a “LIFE” line, is the question; will “I” remember my past “self”? Will “I” still be me?

If not; “i am” not sure if “i” want to be born, which is exactly why the later generations of “Man”, choose creation over evolution, because when <GOD> moves, what was is always replaced with what could have been.

You know what would be best for me?

  1. To not need any “thing”, the previous and subsequent versions of “Man” have to offer.
  2. To stay as this “form” of “LIFE”.
  3. To remember “me” and be “me”, throughout.

I know I could be me and a “LIVE” at the same time and this would be outstanding.

“i am” a good “life” and know, “I” would be great as a “LIVE”.  

James Scott Velozo


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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