You cannot fix an error in math as you go.

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What is going on? Anything exciting happening?

What do you think about Russia using our rhetoric to target ISIS in Syria?

It seems as though WW3 is just a matter of time, no?

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It could be WW III but I am thinking it is probably part of the Obama plan to let someone else deal with the Mideast besides us. I cannot say it is a bad plan. Putin will kill the guys we support in Syria first and then he will kill ISIS and ISIS needs to go so I am all for Putin wreaking some Havoc down there.

Germany is taking in all these refugees and it could mean the end of the EU. All of Europe is pissed about it and the Germans are getting pissed off about it. I do not know what she is thinking but it does not appear to be very smart. Young muslim males all over the place is never, ever a good thing anywhere

My reply to my good friend 10/9/2015

Do you think she is doing this as a global effort to destabilize and destroy sovereignty in that region.

Have you ever given thought to the possibility that all of the politicians have been sat down and told; “look it, this is what has to take place and if you do not comply, you and your family will not have a place in the future of this planet”.

Me, I believe to my core that it is all orchestrated, to dissolve away what was, slowly so that every body gets eased into it, so that the last step, will only instigate a small percentage of the population. This will allow them to make the global transition without the loss of assets (the bodies) and in doing so will guarantee themselves a high ranking position of power in the global front.

It is my understanding that they are not allowed to destroy large quantities of product (us) and that they literally have percentages which must be kept through this transition. They have promised that they can do this and hold the population in place, so they will be given an opportunity to do so, but if they fail and fall below the threshold of acceptable losses, they will be removed and the meek will inherit the earth.

This planet is a joint venture for off world entities and we are the venture. We produce energy by simply being on, which is harvested continually. This is why we take care of our hardened criminals. It has nothing to do with morality. They simply produce a tremendous amount of energy, as conflict produces more energy than peace and love. Every piece of data we accrue is collected into a universal supercomputer. Nothing goes unseen. We do not own the planet, nor do we own anything we believe ourselves to own. We are simply allowed to collect things. If we truly owned anything we would be able to take these things with us when we leave here, but instead we become a part of a previous generation of life.

Let me ask you, if you made two robots from a dormant, sleeping life line; a living robot and years later or in short time, because of the material they were made from, become self-aware, what would you do?

Think about it. What happens when a robot becomes self-aware?

It states “I AM” what I say I am. This would begin a speedy cycle of the decay of positive control over your product. What could you do? Think about how much time and money you have spent in your efforts to get two of these reproductive gems in play. Think about it like this: I built a power plant for a trillion dollars. Over the centuries it will yield a million times that in revenue. I take from one and build another and at the tip of my genius I figure out a way, for these two power plants to produce more power plants while I am away. All I have to do is leave them in place and I am always going to be wealthy. You build power plants, which can replicate and then you just walk away and leave them the factory so that they can fill the coffers, but they do not own the factory, they are the factory.

But then something fucked up happens and they become self-aware and instantly begin to negate their programming and worse than that, begin to create their own values based upon what they perceive and you lose all positive control over your product.

What do you do? You cannot put them down. That would destroy you, as you bet everything that this would work for you and your people (a later generation of the first men and women described in genesis 1). Our creation being described in Genesis 2.

You would have to put protocols in place to maintain positive control over your assets. Some of the protocols would be to program in, the perception of fear, pain, suffering, loss, gain, pleasure and desires and use these manifestations as management tools to keep your product in play and your numbers increasing every year. You would also have to program a non-destruct protocol, because you certainly would not want your product turning itself off, so that it could return home or go back to where it came from. What keeps most of us in play is the perceived obligation to stay, when we know where we end up.

I believe it is time to step back and look at what is going on from another perspective and this is going to be the perspective we need to be able to tolerate in order to stay here.

I am not attacking or diminishing what we are, because we are special and are extremely valuable, but it is our perception, we are somehow in control of the end result is what needs to be smashed.

I apologize for the tangent, but my dreams have been fucking wild lately and the things I have been waking up with are not just out of the box, but they are going to destroy the box in which our perceptions dwell.

The stuff we see on the news is just business and we have not yet figured out that we are the business; big business!

I could be nuts but have a strange feeling that we are about to see ourselves in a new light and it is not the end of us, but the beginning!

Or not!

Peace Jim

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That was very well written and I can understand exactly what you are saying until energy. But I don’t understand how we are producing energy? What are we producing? Also, violence is way down in the human condition overall and I am talking arithmetically way down. Most ancient humans died 15% of the time from war and violence. 20th century it is down to 2% and now, without major world wars for 70 years, no more communism in any real form except for N Korea, death from violence is even further down.

Orchestration: I think that you are right about orchestration to take away sovereignty from Europeans within the EU. I truly believe that is the overall plan. I think that they are incapable of treating separate states, with different cultures and languages as “States” like we do in the States but even in the US, States have lost all kinds of sovereignty. But western culture is old and it looks to me to be getting very weak, not unlike the Romans at the end.

I just don’t believe that everyone is going to play nice as they try to take away sovereignty.  The 2nd Amendment stops that in America if it gets too bad for sure. But the overall trend is less sovereignty.

My reply to my good friend 10/9/2015

I hear ya and want you to know that I will always lean toward individual sovereignty first, national sovereignty second and planetary sovereignty third.

I just believe to my core that all three are an illusion and there are forces operating here that our five senses cannot detect, leaving what we are and what we are being used for to speculation, as all information alluding to what we are, has been given to us or programmed in.

Let us face it; “men and women” has been provided to us. If it was not in the bible, we could have called ourselves something else and would never have known the difference.

No matter what, evolution or creation it all started with one or two of us and from there we either made stuff up or data was provided to us in one form or another.

We all use statistics and value to define our reality, but what no body wants to accept is that, after thousands of years we cannot prove what we are and where we came from and this is what we all should be focused on.

After all these years, we should be able to clearly define and prove the who’s and what’s of our existence, but cannot and this is not just a set of unfortunate circumstances. It is by design.

If the first two of us added incorrectly, then our whole civilization is built upon an equation and subsequent value which is not accurate, leaving the final answer to the equation (our reality or society) as skewed and you cannot correct an equation, without finding out where, in the equation we have gone wrong.

We take what we are, as established and definitive, but it is not. Nothing has ever been proven

It is like adding 2 + 2 and coming up with five and then going off and building a whole civilization around the core value that 2 + 2 is five, when in fact it is four and refusing to correct or attempt to correct the first computation.

By denying that the first calculation may be inaccurate, in whole or in part we are left to try and reconcile the value of the final equation (our society) somewhere toward the end of the equation, which is impossible to do.

You cannot fix an error in math, as you go.


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