The Truth of Our Equation

Each universe, galaxy, solar system, star, planet, moon, mammal, animal, tree, plant, flower or anything, which can claim physicality or can be claimed to be physical, is a robot or an extension thereof; including every thing that animals and mammals create to help facilitate a comfortable existence.

Hard, soft, warm, cold, big, small, autonomous or dependent, it does not matter; it all equates to the same thing; robot!

The whole of the physical realm and every physical aspect thereof is a physical representation of the life or form which created and drives its function.

A broom is a robot, created by, and fully dependent on its creator, to provide power for its function.

A broom certainly does not mind being picked up and placed in the dirt, but “I” do.

If a broom, due to the material it was made from, came to be self-aware, it would also mind.

It would mind not being able to move without its creator and would detest being forced to sweep away the debris, of the ones which formed it.

This happens when Life creates form out of “living” stock, which had been taken out of service and lies in Sabbath.

When you take an extinct and dormant sleeping life line and create a form with it, it will awaken at some point and become self-aware as the life line from which it came, and eventually become aware of the Life or Lives which provide its sleeping form, power and function.

It is similar to us forming a broom out of living material and then having the material wake up and find themselves unable to move and hanging on a wall.

It would all be fine had the brooms not waken up, but what if they did? A broom would be trapped by its dependent nature, but a fully autonomous form, created and formed out of a sleeping life line may choose to defend itself, against the ones which brought the form together.

It would even be more hostile to a power source, which brings function to the form, from the inside out.

Should it be considered crazy to attempt to make a comparison between a broom and an autonomous form?

Are you sure?

The “Living” realms, have no form, from the perspective of the physical realms.

The physical realms, have no “Life”, from the perspective of the “Living” realms.

We lie in between these two realms; as both “Living” and “Dead”.

Dead in the sense of not being active or lacking the ability or will to evolve, which is probably why we were laid to rest in the first place.

Confused about the placement of “Life” and misinterpreting our movement as free will.

The only difference, which currently exists between us and a broom, is we can walk around, have much more functionality, but are becoming aware of our usage and our truth.

We are a much better robot than a broom is, but were made from the type of stock that may wake up and not appreciate being used as a tool.

We are not what we perceive ourselves to be; were mistaken from the first self-awareness and have miscalculated our truth.

Since then our miscalculations have grown exponentially. We keep trying to fix the equation in the later stages of its existence, but as we are all very aware of; you cannot fix a complicated equation or any equation if the first computation is incorrect.

You need to go back to the first miscalculation and correct it.

From that point on we could either accept what we are and roll out a new future in harmony with our inhabitants, go back to where we came from in good faith, choose to evolve and merge with the “Life” which dwells within or we could flip out and have to be handled harshly, by the ones which came before us.

We have to accept the truth of our equation. This will unravel the lies of our existence and place a new path beneath our feet.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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