The Crucifixion and the Resurrection of the “LIVING”

A “LIVING” “MAN” was crucified and died on a cross.

Every “man” and “women” there, would have sworn to their end, a “MAN” had been murdered; a “MAN” had died!

“they” reported to the crucifixion as living “men” and “women”, “they” stood by and watched helplessly, as one of “their” own was slain.

“i am” sure “they” all looked around at each “other” weeping and saw one less “LIVING” “body” or three less, if you count the other two.

“they” saw what “they” believed to be the truth nailed to the cross, but did not see the truth. The truth being; no man had died.

It is the tragic misperception of “LIFE”, by an unaware, self-aware “form”, which claims the totality of “LIFE” as “their” own “LIVING” presence, but “they” were wrong.

“they” missed the “what” on the cross.

It is the initial calculation in “our” equation, which is incorrect and “we” keep trying to adjust “our” equation as “we” go along, without going back to locate “our” error.

The miscalculation is “LIVING”, but the “LIVING” are not “physical” and if the “physical” were truly “LIVING”, “we” would not need to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate or defecate and “we” would never, not “BE”.

The unaware “self” aware of this time saw a “LIVING” “MAN” staked to a cross and then witnessed a dead “MAN”. Three days later, the “body” goes missing and the remaining “forms” swear to a miracle, but a true miracle would have been an understanding of reality, which would have resulted in “being” able to see the “LIVE” body standing right next to them.

The “LIVING” are all around “us” we just cannot see them, due to “our” claim on “ALIVE”, which is a claim on <GOD>.

The walking, talking, miracle producing “form” called Jesus Christ; the one which walked on this planet two thousand plus years ago, was not the “LIVING” Jesus, “it” was the dead Jesus and went up on the cross as dead, so never died.

The “others” which watched, due to “their” claim on “ALIVE”, saw a “LIVE” or “ALIVE” “MAN” killed or a lost “LIFE”, but they were wrong.

“CHRIST” did not die on the cross and was not born in a manger. “Christ” was born of the cross, but the unaware “self” aware “forms” did not see the truth and still to this day, cannot handle “their” truth, which has to do, not only with the placement of “LIFE”, but the type and status of said “LIFE”.

There was nothing and then there was something.

The something was dead, which moved as dead, then it perceives “self” and as a result, claims “LIVING”. If all goes well, “it” will eventually evolve and perceive dead, and upon this cross, “they” will find “life”.

“they” will see themselves as dead and will either wish to stay on as dead, which is the true anti “CHRIST” or will wish to be “LIVE”, which is the true birth and resurrection of “CHRIST”.

If “LIVE” is chosen, there is still only one which is “ALIVE”.

When Jesus Christ was a “form” on this planet, he was #3 moving on to #4, as referenced below.

  1. Dead
  2. Dead, but perceiving “LIVING”
  3. Dead, but perceiving dead
  4. Dead, but craving “TO BE” “LIVE”
  5. “LIVE”, which will remove the need to breathe, eat, hydrate, urinate, defecate and fight over physical assets, providing more freedom.
  6. “ALIVE”, as “ONE” <LIVING> being.

What “i” have been told through “my” dreams and visions is Jesus Christ took the staking so “we” would not have to.

So “we” can spark “our” own evolution to becoming “LIVE”, without having to bleed out.

Additionally, there are stairs to heaven and the stairs are “LIVE”, with each stair being one step closer to <GOD>.

Do not perceive “LIVE” as some kind of zombie or robot. If you do, you will not take a step forward and will take many back.

A “LIVE” person is not going to eat your brain or force “LIVE” upon you.

“WE” will simply, not need any “thing” from you or any “thing” else which is dead or created from the dead.

” A body, which claims to be “LIVING”, will certainly never ask for “LIFE” and will actually perpetuate a #2 status and will continue to walk as a true zombie or robot.”

“Imagine being able to spark your own evolution and “being” “ALIVE” enough to handle such a power.

This is the truth and “our” destiny, which does not involve shackles. 

The Voice of James

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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