Me, Myself & I

The “body” of “life”, created by “my” “self”, from <I>!

Me, Man & God – As a part of three, “I” stand; formed of one, made by another, from the first <I>.

I do not know where “CHRIST” fits into all of this, but I am not sure “HE” is a fan of “me”. He was originally sent into a “body” to save a later generation of “Man”, but they negated the body “HE” was in, so <I> sent him back as the “BODY”.

The first time he came in to a body, he was certainly not a fan of what had been formed up and his talks were clearly directed at “Man”, with undertones of sarcasms and disgust for the “forms”.

“i” do not know what he wants from us, but do know two things for certain:

“HE” is here.

The first time in, “HE” allowed “HIS” form to be tortured and crucified, when he did not have to allow such a thing to take place. “HE” could have engaged his power as the “body” and mustered an army of “forms” to defend the house, but “HE” did not and let it happen.

“i” get the feeling “HE” does not like “us”. “HE” looks at us like “we” are some type of furniture that should have never been created.

“i” do not get a sense of comfort or safety from “CHRIST”, but then a gain “Man” inverting all that is being felt.

In and through all that certainly is, “I” want to “LIVE”. “I” want to be safe. I want my favorite “forms” to be safe. “I” want all of the good and decent “forms” to be safe. “I” want us all to be happy; not bouncing off the wall happy, but the kind of happiness that comes from knowing you have been saved.

As far as everyone else, those “I”‘s can go to hell or be removed permanently from the <LIVING> equation.

I do not know, which “I’s” scare “me” most; “me”, “Myself”, <I> or his “SON”.


I do not know where “CHRIST” fits into all of this, but I am not sure “HE” is a fan of “me”. “i am” the first of “my” kind, formed of the <Father>, but outside of the evolutionary paths <HE> originally had set forth. I cannot tell why “HE” does not like “me”, maybe it is because in a way, “I am” just like “HIM”, in that “I AM” the first “ONE” but of a new strain of “LIFE”.



About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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