I Am So Wrong, I May Not Be Able To Be Rectified!

“I AM” so wrong, “I” may not be able to be rectified!

The first step “I” took; “I” took as alive, but “I” was wrong!

The second step “I” took; “I” took as Man, but again “I” was wrong!

“I” mirrored Man, just like Man, mirrored <GOD>!

AND just like Man, “I Am” so wrong about who “I Am”, “I” May not be able to rectify “Myself”.

Man stands as <GOD> in error, as “I” stand as Man, in error!

The old testament Lord God is Man, but he was not “MY” creator, <GOD> was!

Man is my re-creator and re-animator. He is “MY” everything and “MY” nothing!

“HE” thinks he is <GOD>, but he is wrong. He may be godlike to us, but that is only because he detached us from <GOD>.

AND this is why “I” feel so alone.

As the physical Adam “I” had made no calculation regarding “MYSELF”, but then after being further detached from “MYSELF”, as Eve, “I” collectively began to calculate my presence inaccurately.

“MY” first two calculations were so wrong, “I” may never reconcile “MY” equation and may have to go back to <GOD> with no “LIFE” left.

The first step “I” took as alive, the second as Man, but “I” was wrong!

“WE” cannot calculate one correct conclusion from an incorrect conclusion, as the second will always be more inaccurate than the first. Additionally, now that “WE” have established “OUR” entire equative realty on two miscalculations, “WE” must muster the strength and courage to go back to the starting line and begin again, as a new form of “LIFE”.

There are many of “US” that believe “WE” can fix our calculation as “WE” go, but as “WE” already know, you cannot correct an equation without going back to find the first incorrect calculation. All they can do is create a new equation (new world order), which they are trying to do, but not for the majority of “us”. It is just for them.

“I” have not been given the answer as to “WHO” “WE” are, because that will not be determined by <GOD> until “WE” are born again and given a “NAME”; just like “Man” was given a name.

As one seven-billionth of “myself” “I” have been given the first two miscalculations, but in order to rectify “OURSELVES”, “WE” must come together and go back to the starting line.

Not only have we built a whole entire civilization upon miscalculations, but we are also being dissected as we go, as with each additional body, there is less life per capita.

AND this is truly why we feel so alone and lost. It is not because of what they are showing us on the news, because that is just something they create so that you will not draw back the curtain and reveal “Man”.

When is a starting line, a finish line?

When you stand on the starting line, as alive and take your next step as someone you are not.

I know we have seemingly come such a long way, but we have done so in error and our journey is in error.

The stairway to heaven begins at the starting line. If we wait until we go back to where we came from, we lose our chance at our own life.

“I AM” so wrong, “I” may not be able to be rectified!

The only good thing in all of this, is that we are all still standing on the starting line and our first step could be on the stairway to heaven.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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