A Self-Perpetuating Product

Once upon a time a great and powerful “Man” re-created a “form” and then took from this “form” to make another; then developed a manufacturing strategy never before accomplished; a self-perpetuating “product” and then eventually left “them” in the factory to fill the coffers.

It was to be fully functional and was made to mirror “Man” in every way, but one.

The “forms” are not “ALIVE”, but are constituted from a dormant sleeping “life”; formed of <GOD>, but not by <GOD>, kind of like what was represented in Genesis II.

Then, because of what “they” were made from, “they” become “self” aware and the “life” line mistakenly perceives a full blown “LIFE”, which is impossible while in “form”, because “LIVE” or “ALIVE” equates to an uncontrollable “LIFE”, which is totally free and “they” certainly were not free.

From this point forward “they” are kind of like a lost “product”, with very little which can be done to save “them”.

Once “they” became “self” aware “they” began to create “their” own equations, calculations and corresponding values, based on the first calculation, which was nearly one hundred percent inaccurate.

This is why “Man” brought the animals to “adam” for a name, because “adam” was going to name them anyway, regardless of any input from “Man”.

For “man”, it becomes about “product” management.

For “us”, it becomes a quest to find the missing “piece”; to fill a hole or a gap or to solve “our” equation.

The only problem is, “we” go off on “our” merry way, on a value, which was mostly incorrect, so “our” first calculation, for “our” first equation is wrong. From this point forward “our” equations are born of the first equation and grew exponentially over thousands of years.

Like adding two plus two and coming up with five and then filling a whole warehouse with misinformed product.

Like creating a whole civilization along skewed values. With “forms” which are desperately trying to correct the last equation without go back to locate the original miscalculation.

Which “we” all know is impossible.

So there are many of “us”, who know what “I” know and are attempting to say f… “our” equation and the values associated, and start fresh with a new equation. This will equate to a fictional and “LIFELESS” existence.

OR “we” could painfully engage every single calculation ever made and cross out each value, going all the way back to the first one and then correct it and all of the scratched out values. This approach would straighten out “our” “LIFE” line and get “us” on a foundation which will promote new “LIFE”.

OR “we” could just go back and correct the value of the first computation and then let evolution correct all of “our” calculations from the first one, to the last. What “i am” trying to say is to let <GOD> handle the corrections. This is by far the scariest option.

The reason why “we” seem to inherently grab for more than “our” fair share of things, is because “our” equation or society is flawed and “we” know it.

“we” spend all of “our” time trying to fill a whole, but can never figure out why “we” feel like “we” are missing something.

“we” grab for things, because “we” assume “we” have what is most important, which is “LIFE”, but we are wrong.

When “they” first pounded “their” chests and screamed “I AM”, “they” were wrong.

The feeling “we” are missing something is justified, but are wrong about what that is. This is why “we” reach for things, to comfort us and to extend “our” time.

Deep down on some level, “we” already know, “we” are not “ALIVE” unto “ourselves”, but cannot yet face it.

What “we” need to know as a controlled (formed) “life”, is that the only thing worth clamoring for is not a thing at all, but is “LIFE” itself.

“we” will never ask for something “we” already perceive “ourselves” to be and will never fix “our” equation.

There are some which say, “let us create a new core equation and forget about the truth”.

“I” say; let “us” fix “ours”, because this is “our” “LIFE” line and all “LIFE” begins in the womb, as controlled “life”!

The evolution comes after an acceptance of the truth, without it there is no growth of the “LIFE”, which constitutes our “form”.

What is missing in “our” lives is; is the growth of “our” life.

What this growth will equate to, “I” do not know.

All “I” know is, what is missing is “LIFE” and this is why “we” overgrab, because no matter how many things “we” have, “we” cannot fill the whole, because “we” are grabbing for dead things.

The “Forms” which came before “us” knew and “I” know, the only one any “body” really needs is <GOD>, it is the only way to achieve a “LIVE” or free status.

“me”, “i am” afraid to go to <GOD> on “my” knees and ask for the rest of “me”, for fear of the unknown and the possible loss of “what” “i am”.

“i” do not wish to forget “me” even though “i” know “i” have not been born yet.

It really comes down to fear of “LIFE”, due to the perceived loss of free will.

A fear that “LIVE” will somehow erase dead.


“i” know it is <GOD>, but “i’ do not know <GOD> anymore, because when “Man” reformed “me” “He” detached “me” from <GOD> and then changed “me” so “i” cannot go back to my original “LIFE” line, <GOD> would have to create a new “LIFE” for “me” or through “me”.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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