The 12 Disciples

It is said that the typical alcoholic is an ego maniac, with an inferiority complex.

I can attest to feeling those extremes on a constant basis year after year, decade after decade, with no relief whatsoever.

All advise given, is given by robots that do not have a clue as to what is going on. As a result, the riddle persists and no real cure is offered for these conditions and the subsequent suffering, which results from the robots programmed parameters.

What the robot does not understand or has yet to accept, is that we are inhabited by people and were created by our inhabitants.

Every pure living being is driven by one life and each of these <SELF> expressed lives exhibit one person(ality). Each “LIFE” adheres to one purpose and “THEY” are driven to one end and this is all sanctified by <GOD>.

Until of course, a group of “THEM” get together and decide to pull a simple spec of sand and form this dormant sleeping piece of “LIFE” into a thing, which can sense its own presence, as a result of being formed of “LIFE”, but cannot yet identify the inhabitants and even if they could, would never be able to tolerate the truth of their existence.

“I” can attest to at least two separate people who dwell within. One person is an ego maniac and one always feels lower than dirt. Try and fix that with medication!

At a bare minimum, “I am” one life reformed into a servant that ministers and supports at least 2 different people, so in truth, the total repackaged “LIFE” has three individuals and three person(alities).

Could you imagine if we were three different people; two live and one dormant!

When “CHRIST” says to love thy neighbor, “HE” is talking about the people that dwell within?

Now, try and imagine 12 separate people dwelling within one reformed body of “LIFE” and that is where you will find “ME”!

How does more than one person dwell within a dormant sleeping reformed piece of “LIFE”?

By the insertion of a soul; a membrane that houses and protects the lives that dwell within.

All of what I teach is painful, but cannot even be contemplated until we first release ourselves from three lies and accept one truth or the other.

  1. Not created by <GOD>, but created of <GOD>.
  2. Not made in the image of <GOD>, but made in the re-image of <GOD>.
  3. Not mentioned in Genesis I, but explained in Genesis II.

Created by a later generation of the “MEN & WOMEN” that dwell within and subject to their rule and purpose for us, which is fine for a robot, but a shit sandwich for a real live boy.

Reborn of <GOD>, through “CHRIST”, as our own “PERSON”. Defined by <GOD> and managed by “CHRIST”. The only problem with the truth is that it sounds more like a robot, than the first “TRUTH”.

Maybe there can be a third “LIFE”; a third “OPTION”!

<GOD>, can there be a “THIRD” primary “LIFE”?

<GOD>, “I” do not want to be re-born, “I” want to be born anew!

<GOD> this sounds like too much to ask for.

“I” will try and leave it up to you.

Maybe <YOU> could grant a Lease of the “LIVES” we currently house, bypassing “MAN” for control and ownership of the floundering vessels they are steering into oblivion.


If we try and create ourselves out of this mess, we will fail! We must imagine ourselves out of this chaos; we must spark our own birth and take hold of our own inheritance; which is the power of <EVOLUTION>.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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