I Love Babies

They are so full of life, raw and truthful.

I am sure I would lay down my life for a baby, if put in that position and I mean any ones baby.

They are just beautiful…


But our perception of them is wrong, for they have not been born, are not alive and are going to be sucked dry of all the life that they have been afforded, just like their predecessors.

It is not a birth.

It is a reproduction of a previous life.

“it” presents as a new life and very much alive, but is just the old life reproduced.


Adam was one dormant sleeping piece of “LIFE” formed up and then reduced by 1.

1-1=2, but the 2 is less than the one.

Adam and Eve lasted 900+ years, but Adam’s “LIFE” would have lasted 1,000 years, because that is how powerful <GOD> is.

As they reproduced the life, it presents as more life, but is less life per capita.


As time past and the perception of <LIVING> continued “we” saw a reduction in how long the “life” was able to persist, while supporting its inhabitants.

If Man had not introduced technology into our presence, “we” would have been cycling out of existence after only 20 or so years of service.

Man had to give us the capability to prolong our existence or “we” would have noticed what was going on, which is nothing nice.

“we” are an unholy land and are being used by Man as an oasis and charging platform.


Occupying a body was a big hit and one of Mans greatest achievements, but when we come to terms with the difference between “life” and <LIVING>, most of us will want <LIVING>, but many will be OK with being “life”.

It is the lesson of the day.

Being “life” is not <LIVING>!


I love babies, but for “us”, 1+1=1. It may look like 3, but it is 1.

I do not know how to spark our “life” into a natural birth, which would constitute <GOD> blessing “us” with “our” inheritance, but from my interactions with these people, my feeling is that “we” will not be given “our” inheritance until “we” can prove “we” can handle being a more active “LIFE” line.

And from my understanding, being able to see our “selves” as a dead (dormant) life line, is proof of “LIFE”.

See that we are not and we will be given the <KINGDOM>.


It is like this:

If the unborn see themselves as Man, we will never become Man and if we already see ourselves as being <ALIVE>, we will never become <ALIVE>.

We will never be born, if we already think we have been.

Simply because we will not ask, for something we already think we have.

Being able to rap on a keyboard and pull in a breath does not make me alive.


About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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