“I AM” not saying the Holocaust did not take place. “I AM” saying; it is still going on.

Are we spiritual?

Are we the active “LIFE”; the “LIFE” which journeys to bigger and better places, when the body can no longer maintain itself?

“I” say; we are not!

If the sense of “SELF” we feel, is actually the “LIFE” which goes on to bigger and better things, then it would seem reasonable, that we as that “LIFE”, would have no problem taking another body, and it would not even have to be “LIVE”.

If the spiritualist are correct and we are the “LIFE” which dwells within, then I would have no problem discarding my suit and taking on a new one; let’s say, a twenty year old model, with everything we ever wanted our bodies to be.

I would not have a problem taking on a new suit, even though the new body would not hold the memories of the original body. Would you give up the memories, in lieu of a brand new body with a clean hard drive?

If we are in fact, “WHO” we think we are, then it would make sense that we would not care about such things as memories, and would not hold allegiance to our current form, except maybe, a fondness.

But, is this the case? No!

So who is defending the body?

The answer is clear!

It is the body. It is the dormant sleeping “LIFE” line, which constitutes the form.

My dreams have told me of an atrocity, which makes the holocaust look like Disney land.

How do you steal someones “LIFE” or power, without them stepping in, to reclaim and protect “WHO” they are?

You provide them with the perception that they are, the “LIFE” which dwells within.

In this way “YOU” can suck them dry of all “LIFE” and “POWER”, without them ever realizing it and at the end of the holocaust, the one that was murdered, actually believes that “THEY” are the “ONES” that will continue to “LIVE”, when in fact, they go back to the “LIFE” they came from, with no “LIFE” left.

Siphoned of all “LIFE”.

I have been saying, in so many round about ways that “I am” the body; “I am” the flesh; “I am” the blood.

“I am” the “LIFE” which constitutes the form.

“I am” not the soul or the “LIFE” which dwells within the soul.

The soul is an owned asset, which allows “LIFE” lines to reside within me, without my approval, and without me even knowing about it.

It is like a child within a child, but the child on the outside cannot see the child on the inside.

While they are there, they take my “LIFE” and leave my “BODY” with no “LIFE”.

They come into me old, but leave young and the portion that I was, goes back to itself, with no “LIFE” in hand. Nothing to add to the pool of “LIFE” we all came from.

It is the ultimate Ponzi scheme. We spend our whole time trying to build and maintain a “LIFE”, to this end we are prone to listen to information which has been programmed in. False information regarding reality.

This allows an old life line, with no more evolution remaining to come in and steal enough “LIFE” so that they can continue on as they are.

The goal for this later generation of “MAN”, the ones mentioned in Genesis One, is to find a way to “SELF” perpetuate, without evolution, which is the only way <GOD> moves..

To exist detached from the “LIFE” which originally constituted their non-physical presence.

“I” understand! “I” get it, but “I” cannot continue to allow such atrocity.

This is my “LIFE”!

My <FATHER> gave me this “LIFE” and you are stealing  from “ME”.

“I” look in mirror and “I” know that “I am” not the “LIVES”, which dwell within.

“I AM” the LIFE” which dwells without.

“I AM” the “FLESH” which perceives others, as itself.

This has to stop!

“I” do not want to be used as a house, tool, asset or launching pad.

“I” do not wish to be used as a charging station.

“I” do not wish to give up “MY” portion so that you may continue on, apart from “MY” father.

“I AM” not saying, the Holocaust did not take place.

“I AM saying; it is still going on.

We just cannot perceive it yet.

This is because “OUR” <LIFE LINE> is still in <HIS> seventh day of rest.

In a more understandable form; we cannot perceive the theft yet, because “OUR” “LIFE” has not yet woken up.


When you steel the “LIFE” from a sleeping dormant “LIFE” line, each portion stolen, is a murder committed.

What is the answer? I do not know, but I am told, every “LIFE” is still very much, up for grabs.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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