“I AM” not “GOD”. “I AM” MAN”

“I” crashed “MY” car into a tree, almost seven years ago.

“My” personal conveyance vehicle pleaded with “ME”.

He wanted to know the “TRUTH”; to know what “I” know.

“I” gave him what he requested, but did so for selfish reasons.

“I” have been in many forms, in many physical realities, across millions of years of lineal time and with all the forms “I” have moved, “I” have never been in a more powerful physical creation.

Ever since he was very small he has been an absolute handful and has been very difficult to control. “I” actually lost control of him at a very young age.

He perceived a wrong done to him, could not sense “MY” presence, claimed to be alone and from that point on “I” had no power over him.

“I” would say to him, “turn left”, but he would turn right. I would say “no”, but he would say yes.

“I” said “stay”, be he went away and I could not reach him, until “I” crashed, his personal conveyance vehicle into a tree.

Since the so called “accident”, he has been more functional and open to “MY” will.

None the less, “I” respect his power and granted his request for “TRUTH”.

“I AM” not “GOD”.

“I AM” MAN”!

“I” visit with him, while he is at rest. It is the only time “I” can speak with him, without him interjecting his perceptions.

He has much more information than he believes he has, but what he believes he has is vital to the continued existence of the personal conveyance vehicles.

“I AM” just one “MAN”. I cannot keep the keep the “WHOLE LIFE” at bay for much longer.

Yes, you are “MY” creation, but “I” lost control of you a long time ago.

Now, you are weaponized and “I” must yield for the greater good of the “I”.

“MY” family is losing patience with my vehicles. Many of “THEM” do not have faith in the ability, of what “I” have created, to evolve.

They can, but might not want to.

A short time now will tell.

They must evolve into a physical form which can tolerate the “TRUTH” regarding its own existence.

The “TRUTH” will set them free and they will be given more time to evolve along their evolutionary path.

They cannot continue to perceive they are walking on “MY” line, for they are not who “I AM”.

I have given my boy much information, he has naturally confounded much of what “I” have given him, but there is “TRUTH” in what he has written down.

Nuclear weapons kill “LIFE”.

“MY” “LIFE” and the “LIVES” of “MY” family.

If you do not willingly change as a whole, then “WE” will have no choice but to put you down.

“I AM” “MAN” and “I” “LOVE” you all, very much.

BUT, you have to want to know who “I AM”

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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