Working for the Man

How do you like “it”?

It is ironic that “we” have terminology in place to specifically describe “our” existence.

All “we” have to do is step into the reality of “it” all, and ask yourself (the unborn life), how do you like working for the Man?

The birth of a dormant sleeping life line is coming, and when it is born again naturally “it” will see itself as a servant (slave) of Man.

But not only a slave, but also a crop; a piece of fruit being eaten from the inside out.

“i” have met with these “People” and they are scary as hell, but not because they hate us and want to destroy us, but because they see us as a crop and do not respect “us” as a living being.

We are nothing to them.

They are sociopaths and literally do not see “us” as human (living) beings, they see “us” as objects.

If “we” cannot see ourselves in truth, then we are considered dead and can be used any way they want according to universal laws.

They placed the seventh day of creation in Genesis II, effectively merging two separate occurrences, knowing we would theoretically attach ourselves to the Genesis I God and call “ourselves” Genesis I Man.

Two of the most damming misconceived notions of all time.

Thinking we already are, “WHO” we could become is the absolute kiss of death.


I have also been meeting with “CHRIST” and his people and they tell me it is time to be born again. I have somehow gotten mixed up in all of this as some sort of mediator/translator.

They make me cry.

I remember the start of my 4th year in elementary school, which was my 4th school in four years weeping like a baby, because I did not want to go into that classroom as a new student again.

They want me to say things that need to be said; things that will spark the birth of a new life line (person) and I am standing outside the school crying because I do not want any body to make fun of me.


The difficulty “CHRIST” is having with these people is that it is an estate sale for them.

There are 4 brothers, one of which is very dominant, two of them are very afraid of him, you know, because he is a sociopath and the other is trying to cut his own deal.

It is a fucking fiasco and then add in that we do not know what the fuck is going on and do not realize that we are currently an owned asset, it make it even worse, because as a dead form of life, we have no seat at the negotiation table.


I have had dreams where <GOD> is sitting patiently, all by himself at the closing table, waiting for all parties to show up with a deal in hand.

If it keeps going like this, we will not have anyone at the closing and instead of having a seat at the table, we will be mentioned only in the paperwork.




About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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