Talk about feeling alone

I had a dream last night of a large family with nine to ten children, whose father had just passed away. The mother passed after giving birth to the youngest child. There were a bunch of grand children and some great-grandchildren.

The family was coming in from all areas for the wake, funeral and to handle the estate. When they arrived they found that one of the brother created a form, that now inhabited the lands of the father.

The son had pulled some of the property from the land and built some houses and not only built this development, but had allowed his family to move in.

Now I have seen some crazy, fucked up estates, but this one was a disaster.

Cannot burn down the houses, because you have nieces and nephews living in them, plus the taking of the property in which you own a certain percentage of, is not specifically covered by universal laws.

As in any family estate dispute there are long-term considerations, as all the brothers and sisters are trying to get more than their fair share, so that they can pass the wealth on to their children.

All the brothers and sisters want the estate, including the buildings to be divided equally, but the Man who built the houses is stating that he wants the family to reimburse him for the expense of the design built homes and of course, they do not want to pay!

God forbid one of the brothers get more of a share than any of the other siblings and the other siblings are stating that he should have never taken the life to create the form in the first place.


So, here we sit, waiting to find out how this particular fathers estate will be divided.

Keep in mind, as with any large family, there are great and loving branches, but there are also brothers and sisters that are assholes and nasty mother fuckers, who only care about getting more than their brothers and sisters.

And they, do not care two shits for the forms that were built, with the life taken from the father.

Hell, half the kids did not even like the father, so to see the father face in the robots just pisses them off.


My concern as one of these robots is that I am going to end up the property of one of these brothers or sisters that hated the father and they are going to destroy me or even worse, use me to clean up all of their shit.


You know, any one of us could end up on another planet, in another universe, in another time, and never even know that the title to the form that we are, had been transferred.

All the new owners would have to do is erase the memories and implant a story of origin, and it is done.


And for the last and final wrinkle…

The life we were created from was from the original <GOD>, above the father and his offspring, so they really do not know what to do with us.

The problem being that “we” could be born “ANEW” at any time, which would make us family and entitled to a portion of the father’s estate.

This is freaking everyone out and that is why some of the brothers and sisters are trying to kill <GOD>.

Because not only would “we” get a share of the father’s estate, but would also receive a primary share of <GOD’s> estate, which is a <LIFE> estate.


So, if the life we were created from sparks its own family, then we will be the primary beneficiary of <GOD’s> estate.


Think about the “life” we were formed from, as a baby in the womb, of a mother that cannot be seen.

If the baby is born, the family loaded with the seven deadly sins will lose their inheritance and not only that, but be subject to the child.


Thank you <GOD> for your law on abortion.


From my understanding, based on my dreams since my accident are that “They” cannot kill “us”.

All they can legally do, is keep us in the womb long enough for them to pillage the estate.

Would you kill a baby if you knew it was going to be king and own all the “LIFE” you had intended to own?

Pass this message along, because this is not fiction or a fairy tale.


All I ever wanted was to be born and every form on this gosh darn planet already thinks that I have been and that we are already alive.

Talk about feeling alone.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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