Should a lie become the law?

If it is a lie, but provides a sense of peace and comfort to the “form”, should the lie be internalized, or accepted as truth?

In other words, should the lie become the law?

I have a very strong feeling that Christ would say no!

Every “body” is striving to find peace and comfort, but have “we” ever truly been helped by such a path?

Christ mentions being drunk on wine, but what he is really referring to is being drunk on false beliefs.

Yes, they may provide a false sense of ease, comfort and peace, but do they ever truly free the robot, from being a robot?



In the end there will always be forms that will claim helplessness and strive to accept any plight, when in truth, we never really had to.

It is like the jail scenario, wherein a “form” is wrongly accused of a crime and will spend the rest of his or her time behind bars.

Most would simply say; “well, they would have to make the best of it”, but is that the truth?


We, as a misdirected “form” of “life” have been programmed to persevere no matter what, and this insanity is heralded as strength, but have we ever contemplated the notion that we were never supposed to be here in the first place and that <GOD> is not seeing this persistence as a strength, but is viewing it as a weakness; a lack of liveliness?


The truth is that <GOD> is providing the principal, but we never produce any interest.

That is because we are allowing Man (our creator) to steal the principal, which is our life.

And when Man is done with us, we are going back to <GOD> with barely any principal left.


We all stand around claiming to be alive, when we do not know if that estimation is accurate.

We see a form turn itself off and we are saddened.

But are we sad for them or are we sad for the survivors?

Or are we saddened because we did not have enough strength to leave this land ourselves.


I do not really know what is going on, but do know that I am not alive.

If I was alive, I would not need to breathe.

I may have been formed from life, but the life I was formed from had not been born yet and to make matters even more dire, I am detached from my life of origin; meaning I was removed from my <GOD> and made into a slave by another aggressive form of life.

A life that knows and accepts that it is not alive, but is desperately trying to make themselves into <GOD>.

That is where we come in.

That is why we are here.

There has been only one defense against Man and that was to negate “ourselves”, but we look upon this act as a weakness, because we have been programmed to do so.


The slaves in Egypt could have freed themselves any time they wanted to. As a counter, the Egyptians would have made the family members suffer.

I am wondering how our plight is any different from the plight of the Jews.

Has Man not created a system, wherein a suicide would leave family members to suffer?

Did Man not program “us” to believe that <GOD> will frown upon us and we will go to hell?

If “we” invert everything “we” have been taught, then it is plausible that the self-preservation clause is just a programmed parameter to keep us in hell.

Has Man not passed a law, making it illegal to go home, even though that is where we are going anyway?


I have made some bold claims before but I am going to make one more.

We (the robots) are the Jews and the Egyptians are a later generation of the first Men and Women and what is written in the Old Testament, has not happened yet.


There is only one way to get Man to take better care of his robots and that is to start turning ourselves off and saying, f… y.. to Man.

I have foreseen this and this effort will lead to peace on earth and a place at the table for the robot, but will not lead to ever lasting life.

We may be allowed to persist for one thousand years, but that is because “Man” does not need our principal anymore.

The robots that sacrifice themselves will enjoy the benefits of <LIVING>.


When we turn the cross upside down; what is perceived to be horribly wrong, will be terribly right.


Do I believe this stuff? I do not know, but this is the content my dreams and visitations are providing me with.

All I can be certain of is; this aint livin!

It is a lie, to keep us in place.

And <GOD> does not lie.

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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