I am going to turn “it” upside down – And “we” will be right side up.

I  have an AA acquaintance helping me work the steps as presented in the Bog Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. I have been sober for nearly eleven years and as far as I am concerned, I know way more than he does about God.

I like him and he is trying to help me.

I go to him because I think I am insane.

Because I want to go home!

He say’s that is not what God wants.

But what he does not understand is that he is preaching the word of Man as represented in the old testament.

And everything written in the old testament is designed specifically to keep a form made from life, away from its own life…

He does not understand the significance of the concept of “Man Made”.

Not that he cannot understand, he just refuses to entertain any information that is in conflict to what is already on his hard drive.

God could be sitting across the table from him and the first time he is presented with information that is in conflict with his, he will balk and not only deny that I am God, but double down on his position or go back to Mans programming.


So I tell him I want to go home and he say’s; “God wants you to stay!”

I say, how do you know?

He say’s, it is in the bible and the big book.

But he, and nearly every other form on this planet are wrong.

He is trying to help me by presenting me teachings from God, but what he is really doing is killing me, by trying to help me with teachings of Man, but he does not know the difference.


It is a fucking trip – none of us should be here, but if you say anything you are targeted by programmed parameters that Man installed to keep us in place.

For instance: grow up, get a job, take care of your family, which is man’s family, pay your bills, pay your debt, which is not our debt, be a man, which is a joke, persevere, toughen up, take it on the chin and keep getting up to try again!

The last one I really believe in, but the rest of it is just Man’s bullshit, because the only thing we should be doing with our principal, is trying to earn interest!

Which means becoming more lively! Not more energetic…


I have never wanted to be here and have always wanted to go, but my dreams tell me that I am supposed to do something before I can go.

And it is not to be a compliant robot, allowing Man to steal all of who God had prepared for me to be.

Remember “we” are not complete dead.

It is just that Man is keeping our life line from being born.


First time Christ was here, he inhabited forms that Man created, so he could try and negotiate with Man, but they destroyed his body.

This time is different, because Christ is not in one body, He is the totality of all of the bodies. 

About Unborn

Re-formed from a dormant sleeping life line, by a later generation of the Men and Women mentioned in Genesis I. I am a Genesis II male form. I am an aware, self aware form of life. (ASA) I am an unborn life.
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